I want to do a bachelor's degree related to Computer Science or Computer Engineering in Germany, so can I get a free consultation for that?

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

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The most basic and foremost thing you need to know is the admission process. Admissions deadlines in German universities can also be on a rolling basis. Candidates should consult the university websites for more information, including specific deadlines and admission requirements. Some universities may have entirely online or partially online admissions processes. Now let me provide you with a list of documents that you require during the application process:

Student VISA of Germany
Academic transcripts of earlier years. 
GRE or GATE scores 
SOP (Statement of Purpose)
LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
English Language Proficiency Test scores
Let’s discuss the eligibility criteria for a Master’s in computer science in Germany:

GATE or GRE score 
Undergraduate degree in related or relevant subject
TOEFL or IELTS scores
Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
Keep in mind every university has its eligibility criteria, so it depends on you which university you are targeting; here is a list of universities that you can target:

Technical University Munich
RWTH Aachen University
Technical University Darmstadt
University of Freiburg
Technical University of Berlin
Heidelberg University
University of Passau
University of Stuttgart
University of Goettingen
Technical University Dresden
University of Konstanz
Now let’s talk about the most important thing that concerns every student, the cost of studying in Germany:

Application Charges for Courses- €126 
IELTS Charges- € 160-165 
TOEFL Charges- € 139-217 
Charges for German Student Visa Applications- €73 
Airfare Costs- €389-1211 
GMAT Charges- €216 
GRE Charges- €177-199 
Approximate Tuition Costs of €300-500 per semester
The pre-arrival costs will include the application and English language proficiency fees. When calculating the cost of an MS in computer science in Germany, you should also consider living expenses. They typically range between €7,200 and €12,508 on average. Here are the admission deadlines of major German universities listed below for you:

July 15 – RWTH Aachen 
May 31 or March 31 – TU Munich 
July 31 – TU Berlin 
June 01 – University of Freiburg
July 15 – TU Darmstadt 
June 15 – University of Heidelberg
July 15 – University of Passau
July 15 – University of Stuttgart 
The job prospect in Germany is also very good. Postgraduates with a strong background in computer science can work as computer technicians, hardware engineers, network architects, JavaScript developers, programmers, AI developers, and application developers. The average salary ranges from €8,810 to €12,300. (INR 7,55,000-10,53,876). Gaining 2-3 years of experience leads to additional 20-30% salary increases. Germany is experiencing rapid growth in the computer and technology fields. It bodes well for talented aspirants in the field. If you have any further questions, ask me or book a free call with our study abroad expert to know more.



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