I need Master's of Science in Business Analytics?

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Students taking up MS in business analytics are taught to get an insight into problems and find solutions using analytical skills. They gain the ability to handle circumstances in which the data is unsuitable or challenging to obtain.

The following are the eligibility criteria for Master's in business analytics:

Undergraduate Certificate
Students must have an educational qualification of 16 years and must have completed their undergraduate program. International students with 3-year undergraduate degrees will be observed for admission based on a whole review of their profile. A GPA of 3.0 is essential for either all four years or for the period of the last 2 years.

English Language Proficiency Scores
International students seeking admission to master's in business analytics at top universities need to present scores of IELTS, TOEFL, or similar test results as a part of English language proficiency.
You would need a minimum of 7 in IELTS and around 90 in TOEFL to get admission.

International students from science and engineering backgrounds might have to submit their GRE scores, while students who have studied business at the bachelor’s level might need to submit their GMAT scores. The scores may vary according to the university selected by the student abroad; the average score required is:

GRE: 310 or above
GMAT: 641 or above

Work Experience
Work experience is not mandatory, but some universities abroad may only consider admitting international students with a minimum professional experience of 2 to 5 years.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Imperial College London
The University of Texas
University of Melbourne
IE Spain
University of Edinburgh

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Yash Mothia

Yash Mothia

MentR-Me Team

Choosing to study a Master's of Science in Business Analytics can greatly advance your career. This degree helps you understand and use data to make business decisions, a key skill in today's data-driven world. 


  • High Demand: There's a growing need for professionals who can analyze data. This degree prepares you for roles in data science, financial analysis, and more. 
  • Skill Development: You'll learn about predictive analytics, machine learning, and data visualization. 
  • Increased Earnings: Graduates often earn significantly more than average due to their specialized skills. 


  • Look for programs with strong faculty, successful alumni, and opportunities for real-world projects or internships. 

Be ready to deal with ethical and privacy issues related to data use in business. 


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