I have GRE score of 324 and 9+ CGPA in BTech. and yet to give my IELTS. Can I get into top universities for MBA using GRE. If so could anyone help with the list of colleges and scores required?

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MBA abroad is offered in various specialisations and is an internationally recognized degree that offers the opportunity to work at top leading companies globally. With a course curriculum designed according to their needs, international students can choose to pursue MBA abroad full-time, part-time, distance or online. As per GMAC reports, 91% of the total of over 960 recruiters’ goal at hiring USA’s MBA graduates.

Why Study MBA Abroad?

By pursuing MBA courses abroad, international students will be able to explore work prospects with a greater pay and professional advancement. By studying in top countries you will be able to improve your overall credentials in the professional world. 


There are certain MBA programs abroad for Indian students’ requirements that can help them to seek admission. Presented below is the overview of requirements to study MBA abroad:

-Bachelor's Degree
-English Language Tests Scores
-Work Experience
-Passport and Visa

These are some of the MBA in abroad eligibility that international students need to fulfil to get admission successfully. Let’s know it in detail: 

Bachelor’s Degree
Students need to provide bachelors passing certificates from relevant fields with 60-70% marks from a recognized university.

English Language Tests Scores
When it comes to English language test scores, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT or GRE are important requirements to seek admission in the best MBA colleges abroad. These scores are essential not only for the admission, but for visas. Not all universities would demand for both GMAT and GRE, but it is best to have scores ready as a part of MBA in abroad eligibility. In general the score should be around-

TOEFL- 85-100
IELTS-6.0- 7.5

To study MBA from foreign university, international students need to provide standardised test scores such as GMAT/GRE. The minimum scores required are:  

GMAT- 340 or more
GRE- 260 or more

Passport and Visa
All overseas students who wish to enrol for the MBA from foreign university must have a current passport and a student visa. Ensure to apply for your visa at least 3 months before the anticipated departure date.


Top Ranked MBA Colleges Around the World

-Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University 
-Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
-MIT Sloan School of Management
-Harvard Business School, Harvard University
-HEC Paris 
London Business School


Sonali Bisht

Sonali Bisht

MentR-Me Team

When aiming for a top MBA program with a GRE score of 324, you're already on a promising path, especially coupled with a stellar 9+ CGPA in BTech. As a seasoned consultant in educational admissions, I can assure you that many premier institutions now view the GRE as a viable alternative to the GMAT.

Firstly, let's discuss the general acceptance of the GRE. Institutions like Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, and Wharton offer admissions to students with high GRE scores. These schools look for GRE verbal and quantitative scores in the upper percentiles—typically the mid-160s on each section. Your score of 324 places you within a competitive range, although striving for a few points higher could bolster your application significantly, especially for the very top tier programs.

However, your next step—securing a good IELTS score—is crucial. Most top MBA programs, particularly those in English-speaking countries, require proficiency in English. For schools such as London Business School or INSEAD, an IELTS score of at least 7.0 overall, with no less than 6.5 in any band, is advisable.

Here are a few action points:

Target a robust IELTS score to complement your GRE and CGPA.
Research each prospective school’s average GRE scores for accepted students to gauge your competitiveness.
Consider enhancing your application with strong letters of recommendation, a compelling personal statement, and evidence of leadership or professional achievements.

Remember, while your academic scores are fundamental, top business schools also deeply value diverse experiences and the broader perspective you bring to their programs. Diversify your profile with extracurriculars or relevant work experiences to stand out.



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