I have cleared my BTech with 18 backlogs. Is it possible to get any university in USA for Computer Science course?

Asked by Yash over 1 year ago

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh

Study Abroad Expert

Although most of the best universities in the US favour applicants without backlogs, several accept them. Therefore, you may rest assured that most US universities that accept backlogs accept up to five backlogs. However, applications with more than five backlogs are only approved at the admissions offices' discretion. Also, most US universities only accept applicants with a maximum of 15 backlogs.

Let's understand how the US universities calculate backlogs; the number of backlogs at US institutions is broken down by subject. Additionally, US institutions that accept backlogs consider various elements, including the number of topics you have missed, your GRE scores, GPA, and extracurricular activities.

Factors That Influence How Backlogs Are Accepted
The number of backlogs allowed for MS in the USA is determined by several criteria, including:

GPA: Your GPA is one of the essential metrics that any university can use to evaluate your academic success. Therefore, there is a probability that you will be admitted to the institution if you have a high GPA despite having backlogs. 

Subjects with backlogs: If the course you have a backlog in is relevant to the system or program you have selected at that specific university, your likelihood of being rejected is higher. If you've applied to an engineering program, for example, having a backlog in psychology courses won't hurt you.

Time taken to clear backlogs: Your application would likely be denied if you consistently have backlogs or repeatedly try to remove them. Conversely, a rejection will not occur if there is only one backlog.

Backlog status: Universities in the US with a good reputation and a high worldwide ranking will not accept students with an active backlog status. As a result, you must provide a backlog certificate showing that your backlog is inactive.

In the US, the admission rate for MS programs with backlogs is comparable to that of all other programs and courses. This is because you have high GRE or GMAT scores and a great chance of getting accepted. Many US colleges would allow up to 15 backlogs for MS.

If you have a high GPA and a strong background in extracurricular activities, having a backlog is nothing to be concerned about. If your academic record and GPA are strong but backlogs, many universities accept them in the United States. However, you should also be aware that just a small number of American universities accept backlogs and that the maximum number of backlogs permitted is 15.


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