I have a 7.8 CGPA is it good enough for a master of science in information technology from Germany?

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Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil Agarwal

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A master's degree is a postgraduate tutorial degree. One ought to already have an undergraduate diploma to observe for a master's program. Most master's degree software would require college students to write a master's thesis or lookup paper. The 7.8 CGPA is not good, but you can get admission to some of the best universities in Germany in the field of information technology.

Students fascinated in a career as a software program applications developer, database administrator, or laptop systems analyst may also consider analyzing facts and technological know-how management. Coursework usually includes gaining knowledge about pc hardware and software, cybersecurity, and the development of pc applications.

1. International University of Applied Sciences
IU’sonlinee M.A. Information Technology Management is designed to teach students to efficiently manage the planning, selection, diagram, and implementation in the dynamic subject of records and communications technologies. The program will equip college students with an understanding of the mental software to hardware governance compliance as well as risk evaluation and management modules, enabling them to turn out to  be leaders in the IT industry. It can be studied wherever and anywhere.

2. Arden University
Develop the capabilities to create, plan, and control tremendous IT safety tactics for companies with this course, which is designed, delivered, and awarded via Arden University. You’ll study how to keep up with the fast-paced IT world and attain practical abilities that will be helpful to any business. 

3. Berlin School of Business and Innovation
The MSc in Information Technology Management will help you consider the impact of IT in the business and the impact of emerging enterprise fashions, enabling students to reply proactively to dynamic challenges by devising and imposing new tech strategies. As a student in this course, you will get the probability to advance your knowledge of a range of core commercial enterprise areas and IT management skills. This will underpin the significant development of your academic, theoretical and sensible information on the action of science and the high-tech Industry.

4. AKAD University
To you, technology pastime meets entrepreneurship? Are you searching for the shut connection between facts science and enterprise administration? The distance in gaining knowledge sheath "Business Informatics and IT Management - Master of Science" permits you both: to familiarize yourself shortly with IT-specific expertise in challenging issues of computer science and at the equal time to consider the discipline of enterprise management from the factor of view of business administration.

5. SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
Digital innovation continues to change our lives radically. These speedy changes pose substantial strategic, technological, economic, and communicative/integrative challenges for groups across all sectors. To efficiently overcome these obstacles, groups need certified specialists who can strengthen and follow solutions that will lead them efficiently into the digital future. You can be one of these professionals - after doing a master's in digital Transformation Management. Depending on the favored field, the topics are designed to create professionals in digital business, IT security, software engineering, etc.

I hope this cleared your doubt or if you want to know more, feel free to ask.


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