I have 8.5 CGPA, 6-7 projects, 1 international paper and 1.6 years exp. in MNC as Devops Engineer. Planning for IELTS for 8 band. What are my chances in top Canadian universities for Masters in CS?

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Danish Ali Khan

Danish Ali Khan

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You are admitted to all Canadian universities based on your academic record and IELTS score. However, keep in mind that being eligible alone does not ensure admission in Canada, particularly at prestigious institutions. Your entire profile, including your work on projects, academic achievements, publications, leadership potential, extracurricular activities, employment history, essays, and PI, will be scrutinized.

Now, it is totally up to you to attend the universities you should aim for. First, examine the course offerings that most appeal to you. International students benefit from co-op options offered by some colleges. Even the city and tuition can be very important to certain folks. Although I'm not an expert in computer science, I know the University of Waterloo's prominence in the field. Applying to other prestigious universities like UBC and UofT is also an option.

Canada remains one of the top choices for students pursuing higher education, as it offers a solid return on investment (ROI) and promising career opportunities. Indian students have been choosing Canada for their Masters in Computer Science (MS) since over 500,000 established IT enterprises have had substantial employment growth. Students from various nations studying for an MS degree can be found throughout Canada. International students have access to many employment options and are free to work part-time while attending classes. The colleges put a lot of effort into keeping students informed about the shifting market trends and requirements and giving them the necessary professional tools to enter the information technology sector.

Canadian MS Computer Science Requirements - Eligibility Requirements
Admission to MS Computer Science programs at Canadian universities is standard. The standards vary only slightly, if at all, across the board. The following list includes the requirements for admission to an MS program:


  • You must possess an appropriate bachelor's degree or its equivalent from your home university, along with strong academic credentials. The final-year average also needs to be at least mid-B.
  • An overall TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score (between 90 and 100) is required for non-native English speakers. Students may also provide their IELTS results as evidence.
  • A well-written, well-organized CV or resume.
  • 2-3 references from experts who can vouch for your academic credentials.
  • Indication of purpose

Therefore, you can certainly get admission to one of the best Canadian Universities with an 8.5 CGPA, 6-7 projects, one international paper and 1.6 years exp in MNC as DevOps Engineer. 


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