I couldn't choose between master's and PGDM. Can you make it easy for me?? if a master's, IT or computer science? If it's PGDM which course should I take? I am an IT Engineer with 1 year experience.?

Asked by Krishna Harshitha Gattamaneni 10 months ago

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

A PG Diploma is not the same as a Master's degree because it is a short-term diploma programme followed to develop professional abilities, primarily advanced knowledge and competencies. The course might last from one to two years. Master's degrees, on the other hand, can last anywhere from one to three years. Further studies, such as M.tech or M.S, require GATE qualification for M.Tech in Computer Science. There is no such thing as an M.Tech in I.T.

So, even if you become an I.T engineer and want to take the GATE exam, you will need to study several areas that are lacking. Overall, both studies are the same. You may consider it a disadvantage to working in information technology. So, I'd say yes to this. However, from a career standpoint, there is nothing to be concerned about. If you can get I.T as a branch of engineering instead of C.S., go for it. If you have any other questions, just ask me.



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