How much scope does uiux design have about?Which is the best uni/country to pursue it?Or is it recommended to study mdes & study ux in a bootcamp by the side?

Asked by Varsha T.R over 1 year ago

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Deepali Singh

Deepali Singh

MentR-Me Team

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Human-computer interaction and UX/UI Design is a part of computer science. So when you look for a good university for these subjects, I suggest looking for their CS and technology courses. I have specifically guided my cousin to a Master in UX Design course in the USA. So I have plenty of research already done on the same. 

I would start by recommending USA  based universities for pursuing human-computer interaction or UX/UI Design courses. Not just master-level degrees but also undergraduate and postgraduate options. The USA universities have always been a good place for computer science and tech-related programs. Also, the country is better in technology and development, so you get to build a smooth career there.

I have picked out some great universities in the USA for you. All these universities offer either a human-computer or UX/UI design program. 

Carnegie Mellon University

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Washington

University of Maryland

Iowa State University

Basically, Carnegie Mellon & Georgia Institute of Technology are the best two options. While the University of Washington is somewhat more recognized, the top two names have better courses in human-computer relations and UX/UI design. These course spheres are well known and one of the very best ones in the entire country. I would suggest Carnegie Mellon University first, then the Georgia Institute of Technology.

University of Washington, Maryland and Iowa State University are great options as well. In case you have a lower budget and want to experience some versatility, you can surely look for these universities too. The right approach to find the best universities for yourself is looking for ones which align with your profile, preferences and future goals. I know finding the universities that fall under this category is a difficult task to do yourself.


I suggest you check out the FREE School Explore Tool here. It will generate a personalized list of schools relevant to your profile and based on your preferences. Once you have a relevant options list, it will be much easier for you to decide which ones you want to apply to.  

Let me know if this helped you in the comments below and if you want any more information from my end. 




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