How much funds do we need to study abroad?

Asked by Vijay Kumar almost 2 years ago

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Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar

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Well it differs from country to country.  I mean you may get an estimation for living cost as somewhere the same for all major countries, but not tuition fee. Each country has a different structure and asks for different tuition fees for their programs. Like logically, the USA quilt is more expensive because it has bigger universities that are ranked way higher.

So to estimate the total cost of education in the USA first, it's like $48,500 for an annual expense. It is equivalent to around INR 37 lakhs. This includes all your expenses like tuition, accommodation, transport and materials. Basically you can assume that apart from tuition it will cost around 7-8 lakhs for yearly stay there. It can change based on your living choices. But overall, you will need like 37 lakhs for a one year study in the USA.

On the other hand, the UK is also a very popular country for studying abroad. And compared to the USA, it costs a little less to study there. But for lifestyle, Uk can be very expensive, so you will need to consider your choices there. On average you need  £31,000 for all your annual expenses for studying in the UK. This figure is somewhere around INR 30 lakhs. Again, I suggest we choose to stay in the UK. Because the lifestyle there  is very elegant and can be very expensive.

One other popular country among Indian students is Canada. A ton of international students target Canada for MBA and other masters. If you don't know already, Canada is the #1 country for studying abroad right now. Maybe because the country is very friendly and gives easy immigration. Anyway, the average expense to study in Canada can be anywhere between 20-30 lakhs for a one-year. Yes, Canada is cheaper than the UK, but depending on the course you choose, it can vary.

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