How is the master in management course in Imperial college and HEC Paris?Is MBA a better option than a master in management?

Asked by Chotu Soni about 2 years ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

Economics Undergrad Student || dep. Marketing Head at Enactus ARSD

Quality wise, the master in management course at Imperial college and HEC Paris are both really good. Both colleges are widely recognized and ranked one of the best business schools in the world. The degree you obtain from these two colleges are valued widely in Europe and the global market. There are some differences that I think you should know though.

HEC Paris is basically the #1 school for a Master in Management (MIM) program. This fact comes from all top ranking organizations like QS, Financial Times, THE and more. Overall, I would put HEC Paris MIM above all other options. Not just because  of the running but also because of their graduation rate, employability and graduate salaries.

Imperial College is not way lesser in any kind. The MIM program at Imperial is one of the best ones, however for a specific reason. There, you will get the biggest global exposure and hands on experience while pursuing your MIM. To summarize, HEC Paris for knowledge and career, Imperial for experience and exposure.

If someone says that MBA is better than MIM or vice versa don’t pay attention. It is 100% dependent on your personal interests and career choices. Even if the MIM is considered as an alternative to an MBA degree, they are different on many grounds. For example, there is literally a big gap in qualifications you need for these two different programs.

For a quality MB degree, you are needed  to submit a hefty work experience that goes around 5 years for top business schools. In the case of a MIM program, you need a little less experience and it is more affordable. Plus, an MBA degree is designed for a business professional to accelerate their career. While MIM is for anyone, a fresh graduate or a mid-career individual from any field, not just business and management.

Therefore to state that one of them is better than the other is irrelevant. It goes along with your preference, at what stage you are in your career and what you're looking for out of a business and management program.

What kind of confusion do you have for HEC Paris and Imperial College or even in terms of which one is better; MIM or MBA? If you can mention whether you are looking career wise or salary or maybe even a diverse experience, I can answer that. Leave down a comment on what you are thinking.



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