How is Data Science machine learning beneficial?

Asked by Ramu Rai almost 2 years ago

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Shruti g

Shruti g

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Machine learning is a very big part of data science. It’s not like you can graduate from a data science masters without going through machine learning. And as data science is probably the most popular area of work now, learning machine learning is not a bad idea after all. This way, you can be more relevant and get access to in-demand jobs.

Machine learning is basically eliminating human intervention in certain tasks and operations. In data science when you deal with data sets, it's not ideal to go through each and every piece of information by yourself. Machine learning basically works to develop methods that can work pre-programmed and avoid human intervention. If you are thinking that it is like artificial intelligence (AI), you’re correct.

Now, machine learning is one of the most important things to learn. Jobs and careers in data science are bombings and many professionals a re-earning more than $120,000 (around 90 lakhs) annual salaries in the best places. If this is not enough to intrigue you here are a few reasons why data science machine learning is so much beneficial -


  • In-demand: Data science is currently the most sought-after profession in top countries. Big MNCs and firms are offering good job roles and good paychecks to data science graduates that have a good grasp of machine learning. Because AI is increasing rapidly and it seems most of the tech will revolve around it, it makes even more sense for you to join it.
  • Lucrative: Did you know that the average salary for a machine learning engineer is $111,513 (over 86 lakhs) per year in the United States? This data is up to date recorded in May 2022 from 812 salary reports. If you are a data science enthusiast, I suggest picking machine learning as your specialization in a master's course.
  • Versatile career: With machine learning, it's not like you will be limited to one field only. You can work in data science, AI, engineering, analytics and many more fields. Machine learning is a versatile career option. In later years, you would be more likely to change your profession or move to the next step.
  • Relevant: As data science fields are growing rapidly, machine learning is becoming one of the most relevant professions. We know that finding a good job in the current market is not an easy task. Why not pick a relevant area that will be here for years?


There are more than enough reasons to join data science machine learning. Not just relevance and earning but it is also a creative field where you can show your potential. Technology is always evolving and I suggest you pick the right course for it. If you want help, I can most definitely assist. 



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