Hi, I pursued my bachelor's in mechanical engineering. Can I choose Biomedical engineering for my master's?

Asked by Usha annapurna over 2 years ago

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Joshua Borisova

Joshua Borisova

Founder & CEO at TAXA

There’s basically no restrictions to choose biomedical engineering for your masters. Whether you have done a bachelor in mechanical engineering or in some other field, universities abroad do not ask you to present a relevant undergraduate degree. It is very common and applicable to all major countries. However, there are awesome things that you should know.

The universities may not ask you for a relevant bachelor but it's good if you have it. And don’t worry your bachelor degree is totally relevant to the master program of your choice. Both courses use STEM principles and hence are related. Plus having an engineering or scene  degree is always useful if you go for a biomedical engineering masters.

It will help you to get familiar with your topics easily. The things you will need to focus on are your test scores. For example, biomedical engineering master programs require a GRE score. Based on the university you choose, the minimum score requirement can differ. However, the minimum requirement is not necessarily the average score that you need to pay attention to. To make your application stand out you have to be better than average.

Apart from that, a language proficiency test is also something that is necessary. This is a necessity and cannot be ignored. The most popular ones are IELTS and TOEFL. USA and Canadian universities prefer TOEFL. On the other hand, European countries along with Australia and New Zealand accept IELTS as the favorite choice.

If you are having a tough time applying for a biomedical engineering masters, leave a comment. I’ll try to be of help as much as I can. 


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