Hi, I am Jomon Joy can you help me find an affordable university anywhere in Europe without IELTS to study a triple major in psychology sociology and English literature?

Asked by Jomon Joy 12 months ago

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Blake Prescher

Blake Prescher

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Hey, Jomon Joy, there are plenty of universities in Europe that are both low in price and high in education quality. You can find several universities that do not require IELTS as well. But you know there is a problem, you asked for a university with triple majors in psychology, sociology as well as literature, well I am afraid that there isn’t any good university that satisfies all the criteria that you demand. But I have an alternate plan for you. 

See, you can do your studies at the University of Siegen in Germany. Germany is a good place for elite-level of education at less tuition fees. You can pursue your studies in psychology from there and later on, you can pursue an English literature degree, Seigen University does not require you to give your IELTS scores. So my suggestion would be that you first do your course in psychology at Siegen university, there may be an elective of sociology as well and afterwards, you can pursue your English literature course from somewhere else. There is not any good university in Europe where you can pursue triple majors in psychology, sociology and English literature, as well as do not require IELTS and low fees as well. All these pre-requisites are not present at a single university. So in my opinion you need to compromise a little Jomon. 

Did I give you a satisfactory answer? if you have any further queries then feel free to ask me.


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