Hey! I want to study either Masters in Corporate Law or Masters in Commercial law in the UK. So I need some advice on affordable universities in the UK.?

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Tejaswini Malik

Tejaswini Malik

MentR-Me Team

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LLM in the UK is normally a 1-year long path where you will be made acquainted with a couple of ideas of the field. Furthermore, you will attain hands-on experience through industrial training packages which structure a phase of the path curriculum. Apart from the core subjects, you will also get to select from amongst the listing of electives like Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, etc. Tabulated below are the vital subjects that are taught for the duration of the ride of the course.

Master of Laws or what is popularly known as LLM is a postgraduate stage diploma presented by way of rankings of universities across the world. Being a popular alternative to strengthen your profession in Law, you will research a number of methodologies of the field as properly as the chosen specializations which will furnish your capabilities to elevate out practice as a Lawyer/ Advocate. Though accessible throughout countries, analyzing LLM from the UK comes with a lot of advantages that we will discover in the coming paragraphs. But the query of deciding on the right university or understanding the admission technique can be confusing. Hence, to pull you out of this conundrum, we have listed down the vital small print related to pursuing an LLM in the UK for Indian students.

Course: LLM (Masters in Law)
Duration:12 months to 2.5 years
Average Cost:19,000 GBP – 44,000 GBP


  • Minimum 60% in LLB

Popular Courses    

  • Masters in Corporate Law,
  • Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice,
  • Masters in Law and Finance

Top Universities

  1. The University of Oxford,The 
  2. University of Cambridge,
  3. London School of Economics and Political Science
  4. Queen Mary University of London
  5. University of Kent

Let us take a rapid appear at some of the popular specialisations which you can think about pursuing: 

Taxation Law

  • IT, Media and Communications Law
  • Corporate and Securities Law
  • Cyber Law
  • Financial Regulations
  • Criminal and Criminal Justice Laws
  • Commercial Law
  • Gender Studies
  • Intellectual Property Rights

There are a number of areas of specialization that you can do for your LLM in the UK for Indian students. Let’s test them out:

  • Technology Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Gender Studies
  • Human Rights Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Public Law
  • Regional Law
  • Religious Law
  • Resources and Environment
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Transportation Law

Following are some of the named universities:- 

  1. University of Oxford    
  2. University of Cambridge    
  3. London School of Economics and Political Science    
  4. University College London    
  5. King’s College London 

So these are your options; feel free to check out more.

Yash Mothia

Yash Mothia

MentR-Me Team

 Choosing the best university for an MS in Aerospace Engineering in the USA and the UK depends on several factors including academic preferences, career goals, and financial considerations. 

Here's a brief overview of top universities and the job market for international students in both countries:

Top Universities:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Stanford University
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


Imperial College London
University of Cambridge
University of Southampton
Cranfield University


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