Hey ,I just want to know about the stipend funds in Italy, And what are the universities present there for free of cost and the extra fee benefits in Italy for students.Thank you🙏?

Asked by S.viswesh about 2 years ago

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

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Italian Universities are offering free education to International Students coming from

various academic backgrounds like Humanities, Science, Management, Law, and so on.

Completely free education in Italy for International Students is possible by applying for

various scholarships that are offered by some of the great Institutions in all the fields of

study. Along with it, opportunities for pursuing higher studies are also available.

Free Education In Italy – Top Universities

There are multiple scholarships for international students by the government of Italy,

private organizations and Universities. The scholarships offered by Italian universities

are based on merit and the duration and amount vary from university to university.

Private organization scholarships are often given for specific courses or programs and

the amount varies from organization to organization. Likewise, there are national and

local level government scholarships for which international students can apply and get

free education in Italy.

University QS World University Rankings 2020 Average Fees

Polytechnic University of Milan 149 € 3.5 K – 3.89 K

University of Bologna 177 € 3K- 3.5 K

Sapienza University of Rome 203 € 7K – 15 K

Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa 204 € 7K-11K

University of Padua 234 € 3.5K-4.5K

University of Milan 302 € 3.5K- 4.5K

Polytechnic University of Turin 348 € 7K-19K

University of Trento 389 € 3K-6K

University of Pisa 389



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