Diplomas related to non-medical in Canada?

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Canada has some of the best universities for international students, but the fee structure restricts applicants applying for these universities. 

Course with affordable cost That Pay Well in Canada

1. A radiologic technician
It is true that performing medical x-rays as a profession necessitates a unique set of abilities, knowledge of human anatomy, and a readiness to adhere to vital safety precautions. 


  • Average annual salary: $74,880
  • Pay at the top: $93,600 or more

2. Cardiology Technologists 
That Pay Well This is perhaps one of the more straightforward tasks in the medical field. Utilizing equipment that records and analyses patient cardiac activity gives many cardiology technicians great satisfaction.


  • Average annual salary: $64,480
  • Pay at the top: $78,000 or more

3. Optician
With some formal training, you can assist customers in selecting the ideal frames and lenses for prescription eyeglasses. Additionally, you can fit customers for eyeglasses or contact lenses while ensuring they are created promptly and under the required standards.


  • Average annual salary: $52,000
  • Pay at the top: $68,120 or more

4. Software developer  
While many individuals don't think working in this industry is straightforward, some professionals do. They find it simple because it plays to their strengths, which include patience, a love of learning, a propensity for problem-solving, logical organization, and maximization of efficiency. In addition, writing code and creating applications, games, or software can be incredibly joyful and stress-free for the appropriate kind of person.


  • Average annual salary: $79,997
  • Pay at the top: $119,995

5. A web designer or developer
User-friendly website design and upkeep require a particular set of abilities. But after you've acquired the necessary tools for the job, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Photoshop, it's astonishing how "simple" it may feel to be a web designer or developer. While tackling design or technical issues, being "in the zone" or "in your element" might make everything else seem less complicated.


  • Average annual salary: $62,400
  • Pay at the top: $92,997 or more

6. Graphic Designer
graphic designers are compensated to accomplish something naturally: express concepts and ideas through visually appealing images and typographic layouts. They frequently feel as though they are operating "in the zone," which lessens the stress of deadlines, just like most other creative workers.


  • Average annual salary: $57,138
  • Pay at the top: $90,126 or more

Hopefully, this will help you better—also, remember there are a lot of universities that offer a scholarship. Therefore, don't restrict yourself to an affordable fee. Instead, work hard and apply for scholarships. 


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