Can we apply for scholarship before getting admission in college?

Asked by yuganshu bansal 10 months ago

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Yes, you can start applying for scholarships way before you get admission but you need to be sure that you would be getting an admit or else your scholarship would go to waste. 

Who can apply for scholarships?

Different types of scholarships target different students. 

Always check if you can apply, if the scholarship application deadlines are up-to-date, and if the scholarship is open to national students, international students, or both.

Here are 7 steps to apply to a scholarship:
1. Register for the scholarship, usually by completing an online application form.

2. Check your inbox to make sure you’ve received the confirmation email.

3. Write a personal statement or essay. Try to be original and impress through your unique experiences and ideas.

4. Get official proof of your academic, athletic, or artistic achievements. Translate the documents if necessary — it usually is.

5. Get official proof of your low income or nationality (for region-based scholarships). Again, a translation might be necessary.

6. Submit the acceptance letter from the university. You won’t receive the scholarship without confirming that you will actually begin studies.

7. Wait for the results. If selected, congratulations, you’re a winner!



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