Can I apply for Masters in Data Science in Germany or Ireland if I have 9 GPA?I have many certifications, a mini project, took part in an NGO event but no internship or work experience?

Asked by Ragav Srivatsan about 1 year ago

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

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Yes, you can apply for Masters in Data Science in Germany or Ireland if you have a 9 GPA. Data science is the procedure of collecting, storing, sorting and inspecting data, which is a beneficial resource for agencies to utilize in making data-driven decisions. Therefore, highly experienced computing professionals with exquisite technical information and competence regularly use it.

It exists in each technical sphere; every encounter consists of a set of data. It is one of the most magnetic fields to be a part of in the modern world. In this data era, records are the key to power.

So you subsequently decided to do a Master's in Data Science. This is a positive way to raise your career prospects and an excellent way to continue to be linked with the algorithm-eating world. Ireland may be a great desire for beginning your journey.

Top Universities for Data Science 

1. University College Dublin:
The MSc in Data Science is a unique software that draws on top-level expertise from across UCD and its lookup institutes to give students a thorough grounding in the key elements of records science.

The program is delivered with the aid of the School of Computer Science and Statistics and the School of Electrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering at UCD.

2. UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics
The UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics is one of Ireland's largest, most successful, and rather viewed lookup facilities. It has a robust recognition for excellence in research, with greater than 50% of its research papers being published in the top 10% of its fields.

3. National College of Ireland:
National College of Ireland is a non-public third-level institute in Dublin City Centre. It gives undergraduate and postgraduate courses throughout an extensive range of disciplines and has been accredited by the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC).

4. Trinity College Dublin:
The MSc Data Science diploma is a two-year full-time program at Trinity College Dublin. Students will receive a complete education in records science and its applications.

The route is designed to equip college students with a perception of the theory, methods, and technologies underlying cutting-edge records science and an understanding of its utility to real-world problems.

5. University College Cork:
The Master in Data Science is a two-year full-time program available to applicants with a first diploma in any discipline. It is designed to supply graduates with the capabilities and knowledge required to work as fact scientists at the forefront of commercial enterprise and industry innovation. 

If you had participated in an NGO event with many certifications along with 9 CGPA and a mini project, then your internship experience doesn't count too much.

Is that all, or do you want to know more? Feel free to ask.


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