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A one or two-year programme for an MSc in Computer Science is dedicated to the study of technical methods for computer services and applications. This nation enjoys a solid reputation in the software sector and is the setting for some of Ireland's top computer science university programmes. The minimal requirement for admission to Irish institutions is that applicants hold a bachelor's degree in computer science, mathematics, or engineering. At Irish universities, MSc in computer science cost between 9,450 and 27,000 euros in tuition and fees. The estimated equivalent tuition cost for an Indian student is 8.3-23.7 lakh INR. With an average income of 46,000 EUR per year, a MSc in computer science in Ireland offers a significant return on investment. A widely sought-after academic programme for overseas students is the MSc in Computer Science in Ireland. Ireland serves as a center for international technology and draws many ICT businesses.

The best institutions in Ireland for MSc in Computer Science prepare students to learn well and secure respectable employment prospects because of this. This article serves as a one-stop resource with all the details you require to pursue an MSc in Computer Science in Ireland. A number of renowned colleges and some of the biggest tech companies in the world are located in Ireland. Studying for a MSc in Science in Computer Science in Ireland is a great choice because numerous international companies are based there, like Google, Facebook, Apple, IBM, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and many more. You have a great chance of obtaining a wonderful profession after earning your MSc in Computer Science thanks to this plus the fact that overseas students can apply for work visas after they finish. Additionally, the pay for those with MSc in computer science is quite excellent. You may make an average yearly salary of about £41,500 in the UK. While beginning wages typically start at approximately £25,000 year (the typical graduate income), they may also reach a maximum of more than £70,000 annually, which is significantly more than the typical UK salary of £30,000. This article will shed light on MSc in computer science in Ireland.

Why Study MSc in Computer Science in Ireland?

There are several benefits to pursuing an MSc in Computer Science in Ireland. The most important among them are:

  • In Ireland, there are several reputable institutions and universities that provide an MSc in computer science. For overseas students, the leading universities in Ireland for computer science provide a 2-year degree.
  • Ireland has seen a tremendous increase in IT jobs over the past five years. Because of this, it is the perfect place for students who want to pursue careers in profitable technological companies.
  • The Irish MSc in Computer Science programme is structured in a way that enables graduates to immediately establish their own creative businesses.
  • Comparatively inexpensive to its international peers, MSc in Computer Science is offered in Ireland via cost-effective education.
  • Ireland is home to the European headquarters of all the top international IT firms, including Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Since Ireland is the second-largest exporter of computer and IT services worldwide, there is a constant need for computer scientists there.
  • Ireland offers two years of work authorization upon degree completion, which is a considerable relief for prospective overseas students.
  • Six Irish institutions are among the top 600 universities in the world for MSc in computer science, according to the QS world university rankings for computer science and information technology.

Course Details of MSc of Computer Science in Ireland

The technical study of computer systems is what a MSc in computer science entails. Its foundation is improving technical expertise in computer and information technology. When it comes to becoming a computer scientist, MSc in computer science provide a wide choice of specialties. The software market places a high emphasis on specialisations like artificial intelligence, data analysis, programming, ethical hacking, augmented and virtual reality, etc. Today, computer science is present in every industry, making it a sector that has never experienced a recession. Computer science is present in every industry, including software, financial markets, biological research institutes, and the traditional business world.

Duration for Full-time Course1-2 years
Average Fees9,450 EUR to 27,000 EUR
Admission EligibilityBachelors in CS or related field with 60%
English Proficiency RequirementIELTS: 6.5; TOEFL iBT: 80; PTE: 60
Average Salary Offered46,000 EUR per year
Top RecruitersApple, Dell, Intel, Cisco, Cloudreach etc

Top Universities in Ireland for MSc in Computer Science

Numerous prestigious universities in Ireland provide MSc in Computer Science programmes. The goal of all universities is to increase your computing knowledge and abilities. The top institutions in Ireland where one may study an MSc in computer science are listed below:

1.   Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is one of the top universities in Ireland for pursuing an MSc in Computer Science, with a QS ranking of 98. It boasts an outstanding campus and is situated in the nation's capital. The goal of Trinity College Dublin is to combine theoretical knowledge with real-world experience. As an MSc in Computer Science student, you will have the opportunity to develop your abilities via hands-on training. Additionally, it is a leader in both teaching and research.

  • QS World Ranking 2023 - 98
  • Average Tuition Fees - 24,669 EUR/ INR 19,38,007 per year
  • Programs in Computer Science - MSc Augmented and Virtual Reality, MSc Data Science, MSc Future Networked System

2.   University College Dublin

One of the top colleges in Ireland for an MSc in computer science is University College Dublin. It has a reputable computer science department with a focus on instruction and research. You will get the chance to learn from eminent professors and specialists in this location. While pursuing your course, you can choose from a wide range of subjects. To ensure overall development, the university keeps its students actively involved in productive endeavours like publications, conferences, and other extracurricular activities.

  • QS World Ranking 2023 - 181
  • Average Tuition Fees - 25,600 EUR/ INR 20,11,392 per year
  • Popular Programs - MSc Data and Computational Science, MSc Social Data Analytics, MSc Data Analytics

3.   National University of Ireland Galway

One of Ireland's top schools providing an MSc in Computer Science is National University of Ireland (NUI). It is located in the center of Galway, a city renowned for its vibrant and active lifestyle. In Galway, 20% of the population are students. NUI is a well-known institution that offers a variety of courses using a contemporary methodology. Consistently, it has been moving up the world rankings. One of the best institutions in Ireland to choose for an MSc in Computer Science is this one.

  • QS World Ranking 2023 - 270

  • Average Tuition Fees - 22,666 EUR/ INR 17,80,867 per year

  • Popular Programs - MSc Artificial Intelligence, MSc Data Analytics, MSc Software Design and Development

4.   University College Cork

University College Cork (UCC) is known for being a research-driven institution with a focus on the world. Ireland is a good country to study computer science. The UCC MSc in Computer Science focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship in the software sector. It has expertise in a variety of fields, including database, system, and artificial intelligence development. At UCC, you are also free to express your thoughts and show off your abilities. Therefore, this is a university in Ireland that you can attend for a MSc in computer science.

  • QS World Ranking 2023 - 303

  • Average Tuition Fees - 18,130 EUR/ INR 14,24,474 per year

  • Popular Programs - MSc Computing Science, MSc Data Science and Analytics

5.  Dublin City University

Another top institution offering computer science master's degrees in Ireland is Dublin City University. In Ireland, it is regarded as a cutting-edge, market-driven university. It encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and study in a variety of fields, including engineering, science, and communication. Every student is given careful attention at Dublin City University. It guarantees that every student receives the best education possible in both the academic and personal spheres.

  • QS World Ranking 2023 - 471

  • Average Tuition Fees - 17,000 EUR/ INR 13,35,690 per year

  • Popular Programs - MSc Artificial Intelligence, MSc Secure Software Engineering, MSc FinTech and Technology Innovation

6.   Maynooth University of Ireland

This Maynooth University course, which has the same name, specialises in software engineering, a challenging and rewarding line of work. It is designed for students who already hold a bachelor's degree in software engineering or a closely related field. Before diving into more specialised strands like cryptography, databases, computer science mathematics, and internet solutions engineering, it covers the fundamentals of software engineering. This comprehensive course's main goal is to enable graduates to take on significant professional projects in a variety of industries.

7.   Waterford Institute of Technology

This MSc programme is intended for working IT professionals who can complete it in two years of part-time study or for recent graduates who want to complete one year of full-time study. The purpose of this 6-module (plus dissertation) course at Waterford IT is to enhance students' abilities in enterprise software development and business systems analysis. Enabling students to strategize and manage the development of software products, solve complex problems in real-world business settings, and conduct research that can improve performance is really what it's all about.

8.   University of Limerick

West of Ireland's University of Limerick Large, intricate software systems can be developed by students with this MSc. Additionally, students have the option of specializing in areas like machine learning and data analytics. Meeting the significant market need for graduates with the skills to apply cutting-edge research in the domains of software engineering and data analytics is one of the course's primary goals.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for MSc in Computer Science in Ireland

Depending on the institution you pick, the entrance criteria for the finest colleges in Ireland for computer science degrees may change. The following are some necessary qualifications for pursuing an MSc in Computer Science in Ireland:

1)  Having a Legit Bachelor’s Degree

To apply for an MSc in Computer Science in Ireland, you must hold a bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, or mathematics. Admission to reputable universities requires a score of at least 60%.

2)  Approved Score in a Standard Language Proficiency Test

All non-EU applicants to Irish universities must successfully pass an English language proficiency test. Here, the IELTS score of 6.5, TOEFL score of 90, and PTE score of 50 are considered.

3)  Furnishing of a Valid Passport and Visa

All international students who choose to study computer science in Ireland must have a valid passport and visa. The full set of conditions for an Irish student visa must be met.

4)  Work Experience Certificate or Proof

Students having a few months of prior job experience are preferred by Ireland's best colleges for MSc in Computer Science. So, if you have one, present the evidence. Although not required, a work experience certificate is undoubtedly advantageous.

Admission Process for MSc in Computer Science in Ireland

Finding the application deadlines is the first step in the master's in computer science admissions process in Ireland. In Ireland, applications for the MS in Computer Science are accepted in the months of September and January. You can begin the application process for your preferred university and programme after you are aware of the submission date. Each university may have a different application deadline. Students must thus visit the university website to determine the proper day and time for submission. Additionally, make sure the following papers are linked to your application:

  • Decide whether you are an EU applicant or a non-EU applicant initially.
  • Select the programme and the college where you want to enroll.
  • To learn more about eligibility and admission criteria, visit the university website.
  • Apply online and provide the required payment.
  • Before the deadline, send in and upload the scanned copies of the needed papers.

Documents Required to Study MSc in Computer Science in Ireland

When submitting an application for admission to an MSc in Computer Science programme in Ireland, a few documents are needed. Make sure you have all the necessary papers.

  • Bachelor degree certificates
  • Academic Transcripts
  • English proficiency test scores - IELTS/TOEFL/PTE
  • Aptitude scores (if required)
  • Resume (if required)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Passport size photographs
  • Passport copy
  • Letter of Recommendation (if required)
  • Financial documents (loans taken, income tax details, and bank balance)

Cost of Studying MSc in Computer Science in Ireland

When choosing to study in Ireland, cost is a significant consideration. The price of an MSc in Computer Science in Ireland is heavily influenced by the kind of university you select. Private universities are more expensive than public ones. However, compared to other European countries, Ireland only levies a little cost to its foreign students. In Ireland, the MSc in Computer Science lasts two years, or four semesters. Thus, the typical tuition costs for overseas students range from 10,000 to 25,000 EUR/INR 7,85,700 to 19,64,250. This cost is yearly.

Type of ExpensesAverage monthly expenditure(in EUR)
Food and beverages150-180
Mobile and other Utilities60-80

Scholarships for MSc in Computer Science in Ireland

Scholarships are given out by Irish universities with a lot of consideration. It is especially true for an Irish Master's in computer science. Universities in Ireland offer postgraduate students seeking a MSc in computer science up to a full scholarship. Some scholarships and grants provide a range of options. That is, either the cost of tuition will be waived in half or a certain sum of money would be given. The following scholarships are available to foreign students studying computer science for a master's degree in Ireland:

  • Sir Peter Freyer Special Merit Scholarship (NUI Galway): 100% fee waiver
  • Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship (NUI) – 100% Scholarship
  • Centenary Scholarship Programme (NUI): 50% Scholarship
  • Global Excellence Graduate Scholarship: 100% fee waiver
  • V.V.Giri Global Excellence Scholarship: 100% fee waiver for Indian Students.
  • Postgraduate Merit Scholarship (NUI): 2,000 EUR (INR 169,000)
  • Taught Master’s Scholarships (Maynooth University): 2,000 EUR (INR 169,000)

MSc in Computer Science Salary & Job in Ireland 

There is now no requirement for a work visa for those studying an MSc in computer science in Ireland full-time for at least one year in a degree leading to a certificate recognised by the Irish Department of Education and Skills. In as little as two years after submitting an application for an MSc in Computer Science in Ireland, one can become a permanent resident. Students may have several options to get useful computing skills by pursuing an MSc in computer science in Ireland. Any of the aforementioned titles, not only computer scientist or software engineer, might lead to professional status. After earning an MSc in computer science from one of Ireland's leading colleges, job options are many. Following are a few potential career paths and the typical pay for each one, along with the list of potential employers.

OccupationAverage Salary (EURO and INR)
Application Analyst25,000 EUR (INR 2,100,000)
Developer35,000 EUR (INR 2,900,000)
Data Analyst35,000 EUR (INR 2,900,000)
Web Developer25,000 EUR (INR 2,100,000)
Information System Manager50,000 EUR (INR 4,200,000)
Game Developer45,000 EUR (INR 3,800,000)
Database Administrator37,000 EUR (INR 3,100,000)


A wonderful way to develop your computing and applied science career is to study computer science in Ireland. The best colleges in Ireland with knowledgeable professors and a wide range of programmes available in this field are undoubtedly lucrative for your career. So get moving and begin realising your goals by joining Ireland's vibrant culture right away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the period of stay in Ireland after completing the degree?

The permit to stay in Ireland post a masters degree is upto 2 years.

Several prominent pioneers in technology have their European headquarters in Ireland. These include Apple, Dell, Intel, and Cisco, among several others. Recruitment season often sees these companies copping all fresh graduates from top universities in Ireland for MS in computer science.
It is, therefore, definitely worth doing a Master’s in Computer Science in Ireland.

Yes. Most of the top universities in Ireland guarantee respectable jobs for their students after completing their courses. Computer Science being a growing industry, provides employment for many new graduates.

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