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International students can earn a MS in business analytics in USA in 8–12 months. For admission to the MS in business analytics in USA, prospective candidates must present proof of a 3–4 year undergraduate degree in a comparable discipline. Admission to the MS in business analytics in USA requires a GPA of 3.0 to 3.6 on a 4.0 scale (83-89%). For entrance to the programme, applicants must have a GRE verbal and quantitative score of roughly 167.

Students will gain extensive knowledge about how data drives decisions, have the opportunity to work or intern with leading businesses in the business analytics industry, and, most importantly, the learning environment at these top universities will prepare students to meet the demands of the MSBA market in the USA. This article provides you with all the information you need to get started on the MS in business analytics in USA.

Why Study MS in Business Analytics in USA ?

Several foreign students go here to enroll in prestigious MS in business analytics in USA for a reason. These are the well-known ones:

  • There are more than 15 colleges where students may enroll in business analytics courses in the USA. For instance, when looking at universities and specific fields, MIT is ranked first on the QS-Ranking list.
  • According to the BLS, there are over 99,400 openings for management analyst jobs per year. As the majority of companies, like Amazon, Apple, and others, have headquarters in the USA and are searching for MSBA graduates, it is great for students to consider employment here. The USA is the center for technology-driven solutions.
  • These students are well-prepared to handle the real-world issues in this profession thanks to the MS in business analytics that top colleges in the USA implement. The best examples are workshops, interactions with business leaders, learning from instructors who have worked in a variety of industry sectors, etc.
  • The USA has long been a top destination for education since a large portion of their economy is powered by talented individuals. Thus you may proceed with confidence when it comes to paying for MS in business analytics in the USA. You can find a better study environment and more job opportunities in the nation.
  • Some of the top colleges offering a Masters in Business Analytics programme are located in the United States. Several universities, including MIT, UCLA, UT Austin, and others, provide cutting-edge Business Analytics courses built on current problem solving.
  • Students who earn a master's degree in business analytics in the US may expect to earn an annual income of 75,000 USD (61.30 lakhs INR).
  • Market growth for business analytics is anticipated to reach 103.65 billion USD in 2026 from 67.92 billion USD in 2020. For the projection period, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is anticipated to be 7.3%. The expanding market suggests that there will be more job openings in Business Analytics in the USA.

Best Universities for MS in Business Analytics in USA

There should be a variety of aspects in a business analytics course in the USA. For its course format, there should be theory instruction and an internship opportunity. Topics like business analysis, data analytics, etc. should be included in the course curriculum. The course is structured to cover all facets of the disciplines, which is a fantastic benefit of studying an MSBA in the United States. These are the top business analytics institutions in the USA to think about, especially now, to help you study the best.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

One of the top analytics programmes in the US is the one-year Master of Business Analytics at MIT. The curriculum prepares students for professions using and managing cutting-edge data science to address important business problems. In particular, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, computer programmers, and other high-tech experts, the curriculum is designed for current students or recent college graduates who intend to pursue a career in the data science business.

Many scientific and analytical tools are included in the curriculum to help students advance their careers. The programme comprises of six three-hour modules, one pro-seminar, at least three targeted electives, one mandatory Analytics Capstone project, five essential disciplines that must be taken. Brands like BCG, McKinsey, IBM, BMW, and many more are examples of partner businesses. A crucial element of the Master's programme is the capstone project. Students have the chance to collaborate on practical data science issues with professionals from the business world through this project. Students can spend seven months working in teams of two with sponsor companies both domestically and overseas on the capstone project.

2. UCLA (Anderson)

The 15-month MS Business Analytics programme at UCLA has been named No. 2 in the world for the past few years, despite the fact that it is a relatively new programme. A corporate-sponsored Capstone: Applied Analytics Project and a summer internship combine technical and theory-based instruction with practical immersion in the programme, which is delivered by highly esteemed professors (AAP).
The AAP offers MSBA candidates the chance to put their newly learned skills to use by tackling actual, real-world business analytics issues. Students can advance their understanding of business analytics, improve their communication abilities, and dive more thoroughly into a topic of interest outside of the classroom by working with a corporate customer.

3. University of Texas at Austin (McCombs)

Predictive analysis, programming, and statistics are the main topics of the MS Business Analytics programme at UT Austin. For people with backgrounds in math, computer science, and engineering, it's a fantastic curriculum. Students who complete the 10-month programme are prepared to harness massive volumes of data and apply it to improve businesses.

Partners in the industry include companies like Walmart and Deloitte. It's a fantastic programme that gives students amazing possibilities and support in the area of big data and data analytics. The programme has the highest GMAT and GRE averages of any Texas McCombs non-doctoral programme and is ranked third among master's in data science programmes by QS Global University.

4. University of Southern California (Marshall)

One of the oldest and most prestigious programmes in the US is the Masters in Business Analytics programme at USC Marshall. The USC Marshall School of Business' MS Business Analytics (MSBA) programme garnered 300 applicants in the first round in 2014. Only 18 people from that cohort were accepted. The course lasts 18 months for full-time students. The analysis of large data, including statistical modelling, data management, visualization, information security, optimization, and decision-making under uncertainty, will be thoroughly covered in class.

A recent college graduate with a strong analytical background who wants to pursue a career in the exciting and quickly expanding field of business analytics and data sciences will find it to be the ideal programme for them. It is also ideal for managers who want to develop or hone their analytical skills.

5. University of Washington (Foster)

Technical expertise, analytic frameworks for deciphering data, and business acumen for turning insights into actions are all combined in Washington University's 12-month MSBA curriculum. This is an integrated, thorough business intelligence education that covers everything from operations and finance to modelling and programming to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

6. North Carolina State University (Institute of Advanced Analytics)

One of the best universities for data science is North Carolina State University. A Masters in Analytics programme is also available. In fact, it is the country's first and most prestigious analytics degree. The NCSU MSA programme is ranked with MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, and Harvard for data science talent based on placements, admission rate, curriculum, and value for money.

The 10-month master's programme covers all the necessary tools and knowledge for data science. Regular adjustments are made to the NCSU curriculum based on the state of the economy and the market. Mathematics, statistical methods, tools, and applications for analytics, as well as an analytics practicum, are all included in the programme. Students are instructed in various data mining, data analysis, and data engineering methodologies and technologies through real-world projects.

7. University of Rochester (Simon)

To help you use big data insights, Rochester's MS Business Analytics programme offers exceptional instruction in Python, R, and Tableau. For people with backgrounds in economics, marketing, other non-engineering (but quantitative) fields, it's a wonderful curriculum.

Students can complete the Masters programme in either 10 or 17 months (without an internship) (with internship). Please be aware that while the Simon Business School's careers department has a solid reputation among businesses, the institute cannot guarantee an internship.

8. University of Minnesota (Carlson)

The University of Minnesota's Master of Business Analytics programme teaches students how to use innovative data analysis to extract insights and then apply the findings in actual business situations. It's a fantastic programme that consistently achieves high rankings in well-known tables like QS, Poets & Quants, etc.

According to the programme website, within three months of completing the course, 100% of the MS in Business Analytics alumni from the years 2015 and 2016 received job offers from companies all around the country. Alumni today have positions at prestigious businesses including McKinsey & Company, Amazon, Facebook, Ford, Expedia, Ameriprise, Google, and others.

9. Southern Methodist University (Cox)

Students who enroll in SMU Cox's Master of Science in Business Analytics programme get knowledge and specific analytical abilities. Technology, marketing, operations, consulting, and other fields all provide career chances. The comprehensive and intense programme examines the most recent approaches to turning data into useful information for decision-makers across a variety of management disciplines and activities.

Two semesters are sufficient to complete the programme. Candidates for the programme come from a variety of fields, including science, engineering, math, marketing, and economics.  Students have the option of two program specializations or tracks:

  • Business Process Analytics- DB Concepts & Applications
  • Customer Analytics – Marketing Research & Customer-Centric Analytics

10. Michigan State University (Eli Broad)

The faculties from the schools of business, computer science, and statistics teach in the master's programme at MSU. It is a one-year curriculum with a strong focus on application. Students in the programme get the chance to work with data sets put up with business and academic help. In order to assist assure a strong programme that is team-focused, it is also a full-time, set curriculum, cohort-based programme.

The program's top MSU academics are teaching courses in corporate strategy, data mining, applied statistics, project management, marketing technology, and communications. The basic pay for the class of 2016 was $85,200 per year. The summer internship average wage for the class of 2017 is about $26 per hour. Among the 33 students, 32 received summer internship offers.


The conclusion on pursuing an MS in Business Analytics in the USA depends on several factors such as personal interests, career goals, financial considerations, and individual circumstances. In conclusion, pursuing an MS in Business Analytics in the USA can be a worthwhile investment for those who are passionate about data analysis and want to build a career in this field. However, it is essential to carefully consider the costs, job prospects, and visa restrictions before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is business analytics in USA worth it?

Yes, students are making the right choice for pursuing MS in business analytics in USA. The country offers the option to choose from the best business schools that also provide a valuable business analytics learning experience.

The duration to pursue business analytics in USA varies from one university to another. The ideal duration is either two years or less.

Yes, students can still study business analytics courses in USA without GMAT as most universities either avoid it or waive it off based on certain requirements.

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