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Regarding high-quality education and outstanding employment options, the United States of America (USA) is renowned as a country of opportunity. The United States is home to some of the world's most significant institutions and universities that offer masters in Computer Science degrees. Masters in computer science USA takes 1-2 years and is accessible at numerous educational universities in the United States. International students seeking admission to the MS in Computer Science programs should have a four-year undergraduate degree in a relevant area and high marks on the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) and one of the English language competence tests.

There is a lot to offer! This remark represents a research component of the United States. Regarding master's studies, the United States is one of the most well-known locations for international students, providing them with an excellent education. One of the reasons there has been a recent surge in the number of people flying to America for higher education. Obtaining 4,300 master's degrees in the United States is unique since worldwide acceptability is strong.

In contrast, the United States is not just the most popular destination for international students. It is also the most populous, with more than 50 states and nearly 4,300 higher education institutions. So if you wish to pursue an MS in any field or an masters in computer science usa, this is the program.

Why Should One Pursue a Master in Computer Science USA?

Well-known universities

When individuals consider higher education abroad, the first thing that springs to mind is a few prominent study locations. Of course, the United States is a popular destination due to its world-class colleges, especially for computer science.

Highest Paid Computer Science Degrees

Despite fast technological advancements and widespread changes in the present system, there remains a high need for computer science graduates. There is a more considerable benefit to pursuing a masters in computer science USA. Graduates with an internationally recognized degree are acknowledged all around the world.

Career results

Pursuing a masters in computer science USA leads to excellent career outcomes. As a result, there is a broad spectrum of requests for master's graduates in Computer science from world-renowned businesses such as Facebook, Oracle, and Cisco.

Top Colleges in the US for Master's in Computer Science

Study institutions in the United States aggressively strive to provide excellent computing degrees to overseas students.

In general, the quality of universities is determined by various criteria, such as instructional quality, infrastructure, and student popularity. In addition, popular worldwide rankings, such as the QS global and Financial Times rankings, also consider these aspects.

As a result, students may experience the most significant curriculum outside their nation and explore the best in all forms.

Around 400 colleges provide one to two-year courses in which you will gain expertise with computer frameworks in various disciplines such as artificial intelligence, information technology, programming, ethical hacking, etc.

Therefore, finding the ideal learning institution is unquestionably vital, which can be accomplished by thorough research on many topics.

Because the United States is home to numerous IT titans such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others, the top colleges in the United States offering Masters in Computer Science are among the most outstanding universities globally.

The finest masters in computer science collages USA in 2022 are listed below:

Name of Institution

Programs Available

Cost of Course

Number of Years

Stanford UniversityM Sc. in Computer Science$69,674 (INR 51,58,934)2

University of California, Berkeley

M Sc. in Computer Science$13,272 (INR 9,82,710)1
Carnegie Mellon UniversityM Sc. in Computer Science$58,442 (INR 43,27,273)2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

M. E in Computer Science M Sc. in Computational for Design and Optimization

$109,864 (INR 81,34,759)2
Princeton UniversityM Sc. in Computer Science$120,080 (INR 88,91,191)2
Columbia UniversityM Sc. in Computer Science$60,540 (INR 44,82,617)1
Harvard University

M Sc. in Computer Science

M. E in Computer Science

$117,460 (INR 86,97,196)

$57,000 (INR 42,20,502)


University of California, Los Angeles

M Sc. in Computer Science$64,908 (INR 48,06,041)2
University of Washington

M Sc. in Computer Science Engineering

$15,000 (INR 11,10,658)1
University of Michigan

MSE in Computer Science and Engineering

$52,960 (INR 39,21,364)2

University of Illinois-Urban Campaign

M Sc. in Computer Science

$34,648 (INR 25,65,473)2

University of Southern California

M Sc. in Computer Science M Sc. in Computer Engineering

$51,590 (INR 38,19,924)2
Georgia Tech

M Sc. Computer Science

$40,000 (INR 29,61,756)1.5-2
University of Texas, Austin

M Sc. in Computer Science

$50,432 (INR 37,34,181)2
Yale University

M Sc. in Computer Science

$141,000 (INR 1,04,40,189)



MS Computer Science

$64,214 (INR 47,54,654)


New York University

M Sc. in Computer Engineering

$98,208 (INR 72,71,703)


Boston University

MS in Computer Science

$58,560 (INR 43,36,010)


University of Pennsylvania

M Sc. in Scientific Computing

$113,572 (INR 84,09,313)


Masters in Computer Science USA: Course Description

For students wishing to study in the United States, the Master of Computer Science from the United States provides a wide range of specialties. Artificial intelligence, information technology, programming, ethical hacking, and virtual and augmented reality are a few main specializations in the software business.

Computer science and technology are now involved in every industry, whether software, engineering, financial markets, biological research, or designing; computers are the one-stop answer to current challenges.

Highlights of masters in computer science USA

Total number of MS Computer Science Colleges in the USA

Around 280+ MS Computer Science Colleges

MS Computer Science Cost in the USA

Tuition Fees: INR 18-25 lakhs (average for the first year)

Living Expenses: INR 8 lakh approx (for one year)

Top Specialisations

Data Science, Machine Learning, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Artificial Intelligence, Computing Theory,

Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing

Admission Process (subject to university)

Bachelors degree + GRE score, GPA (3.0/4) + TOEFL/IELTS score + Internship/Work Experience + Resume + Letters of Recommendation + Statement of Purpose + Final Transcripts

How to Apply for a Masters in Computer Science USA


Masters in computer science USA is a popular subject; thus, there are particular qualifying standards for admission to top US colleges. In addition, there are international-level competency examinations that must be completed. These exams also include English Language Proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE).

Deadlines 2022

The following are the application deadlines for MS Computer Science programs at leading colleges in the United States in 2022:


Deadline for Applying

University of California, Berkeley December

December 8

University of California, Los Angeles

December 1
Carnegie Mellon University

December 9

Stanford University

December 7

Princeton University

December 15

Harvard University

December 1

Columbia University

November 7

New York University

March 1

Georgia Tech

February 1

University of Illinois-Urban Campaign

December 15

University of California San Diego

December 16
University of Pennsylvania

March 1 or May 1

Yale University

June 1 (Fall), October 1 (Spring), and March 1 (Summer)

University of Southern California

September 15 (Spring) and January 15 (Fall)

Cornell University

February 1

Boston University

September 1

University of Texas, Austin

December 15

University of Michigan

January 15


The following are the essential requirements for students intending to pursue an MS in Cs in the United States:

  • A bachelor's or undergraduate degree with a 3.0 GPA out of 4.0 overall.
  • GRE score of 290-330. The needed score may differ based on the university.
  • IELTS (6.5 to 7) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score (7 to 7.5).
  • Certificate or confirmation of internship or employment experience.
  • Passport photocopies.
  • A solid CV includes a full explanation of your education and job experience (if applicable).
  • Letter of Recommendation from a mentor or employer in your native country outlining why you are qualified for admission.
  • The Statement of Purpose describes your future ambitions and motivation for studying in the United States.
  • Transcripts of Academic Achievement.
  • Proof of funding in bank statements demonstrates that you have the funds to cover your one-year tuition and living expenses.

Let us now look at the table below, which shows the university-specific cut-off marks for GRE and ELPs.



TOEFL Cut-off

GRE Cut-off

Massachusetts Institute of Technology90Accepted
Stanford University89328
Carnegie Mellon University102316
University of California, Berkeley90324
Harvard University90292
Princeton University100Accepted
University of California, Los Angeles87Accepted
University of Washington92300
University of Columbia100Accepted
New York University90310
University of Texas, Austin90300
University of Illinois- Urban Campaign102316
University of Pennsylvania100Accepted
University of Southern California90Accepted
Yale University100322

Student Visa

The USA Student Visa is the world's third most popular visa, with an approval rate of about 88 percent. Typically, three student visas are available for overseas students, based on the duration and type of study desired in the United States.

  • F-Visas: These visas are issued to international students who intend to study for any full-time academic degree from a licensed American university for longer than 90 days.
  • M-Visas: These visas are often granted to overseas students who wish to study non-academic courses or vocational training at an approved institution or college in the United States.
  • J-Visas: These are often granted to overseas students who wish to participate in any exchange program. These visas have a shorter stay than F and M class visas.

Documents Required for a Student Visa

  • Payment for Admission Form Acceptance of the entrance form
  • Transcripts of Academic Achievement
  • IELTS, TOEFL, and other standardized exam scores are required for study in the United States.
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Passport photocopy
  • Recommendation letter

Costs of a Masters in Computer Science USA

The college-specific fees have already been mentioned in the preceding section. However, for an international student, it is also critical to understand the living costs in the United States, as they add a significant amount to the entire budget.

Pre-arrival Expenses

Going overseas and absorbing components of a new place, culture, and society for studies need continual pre-planning in terms of initial costs. This facilitates a smooth move from your home country to the United States. It may appear daunting at first, but with better knowledge, you will be able to overcome obstacles. Does having "Pre-arrival Checklists" help you stay on track?


Cost (in INR)

Visa Application Cost38,990
IELTS fee18,350
TOEFL fee15,290
GRE fee14,525

J-type visas : 13,760

F-type visas : 15,290

Travel Cost38,000-76,000

Total Cost

1.38 to 1.78 lakhs

Tuition Fees

One of the most critical deciding criteria is the cost of studying MS in the United States. As is well known, obtaining a Masters in Computer Science in the United States is more expensive than in other countries. However, it is conceivable to finish the degree at the anticipated expense. You only need a correct understanding and a prior strategy that allows you to save money on non-essential things. However, financial support is available to assist students in dealing with financial difficulties.

As previously stated in the top universities section, the average cost of studying masters in computer science USA is around 78,000 USD for the entire program. With a minimum cost of 13,272 USD for the whole program at the University of California- Berkeley and a maximum cost of 141,000 USD for the entire program at Yale University, respectively.

Cost of Living

Students should be aware of the actual costs of living in the United States, including housing, transportation, textbooks, weather-dependent clothes, entertainment, food, etc. In general, the institution's location is crucial in determining the cost of living. Accommodation mostly depends on proximity to the destination, which requires more thought. Some of the most expensive cities for students include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, DC. On the other hand, students may begin to live with good preparation and execution.

The cost of living in the United States depends entirely on one's lifestyle, and the university one attends. The typical monthly expenditures that an international student must incur to stay in the United States are listed below.


Average Monthly Expenses (in INR)


76,440 (on-campus stay)

45,850 to 61,150 (off-campus stay)

Meals9,200 to 12,200
Transportation7,640 to 22,900
Health Insurance 34,400 to 53,500
Personal Expenses53,500 to 45,860
Total2.27 to 2.72 lakhs

Scholarships for Masters in the US

Financial aid is a beacon of hope for overseas students who desire to study in the United States. With recent advancements, several scholarships are now accessible to overseas students. It would be best if you were not concerned about the tuition cost because scholarships are available for students. If you wish to study masters in computer science USA, you must know the available scholarship lists. There are both government and non-government scholarships available. Education and living expenditures in the United States are relatively high, especially for individuals coming from countries with significantly lower exchange rates. Despite the high cost of education, the United States provides scholarships for overseas students to help and support their studies financially.

The results of the Entrance Exams have a direct impact on the mount of your scholarship. Recommendation letters, extracurricular activities, and accomplishments are also important. The following are some of the most common master's scholarships offered in the United States:


Name Of the Scholarship



Civil Society Leadership AwardExcellent academic recordIt covers tuition fees, living expenses, and a monthly stipend
PEO International Peace Scholarship for WomenInternational Women candidates only12,500 USD
Rotary Foundation Graduate Scholarship ProgramStudents from lower-income countries.30,000 USD
National Overseas Scholarship

Minimum aggregate of 55% in UG for admission to masters or doctoral programs.

It covers tuition fees, medical insurance, travel expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Citizens of select countries, including India.

A minimum of 5 years of work experience in a respective professional field.

Tuition fees, travel expenses, monthly stipend, computer

subsidy, and health insurance coverage.

You should not be concerned if you do not have a scholarship. Numerous part-time employment available in the United States will help you with your financial troubles, and an F-1 student visa allows you to work for roughly 2 hours each week. Other financing options for your masters in computer science USA include:

  • You may make up to $500-600 USD each week as a teaching assistant.
  • Peer tutoring pays roughly 450 USD per week on average.
  • You may earn up to USD 400 every week as a Library Monitor.
  • You may make up to $300-350 USD per week as a tour guide at the starting level.

Aside from part-time work, you may apply for several internship programs in your field of study, which may also pay you.

Career Opportunity after Master's in Computer Science

A computer science graduate's normal professional function is around computer and software technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, software development, networking, and extensive data management. The average yearly compensation of a Computer and Information Research Scientist is approximately 118,000 USD. In contrast, the yearly average salary of a Hardware Computer Engineer is around 114,000 USD/year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Masters in computer science USA graduates in the United States may expect a salary increase of roughly 9% every 15 months. According to a recent Bureau of Labour Statistics analysis, the need for specialists in this industry is predicted to expand by roughly 16% between 2018 and 2028. A work permit is required to work in the United States. Following are some common employment positions and their typical compensation for overseas students considering studying in the United States:

Leading Recruiters

Popular jobs for MS graduates average

Average Salary in the USA (INR/Per Annum)



   Android Developer57.58 lakhs
Intel   Network Engineer   64.97 lakhs
AppsLabsComputer Network Architect   68.79 lakhs
CSCInformation Security Manager   84.85 lakhs
IBM   Blockchain Developer   57.32 lakhs


   AI (Artificial Intelligence) Expert   69.55 lakhs
PayPal   ERP Project Manager 89.43 lakhs
QUALCOMMC++ Developer   67.41 lakhs





   Lead Developer     69.94 lakhs

Work Permit in the USA

After studying computer science in the United States, you may stay longer for the job or other related work. You may need any of the following to extend your stay:       

  • Optional Practical Training (OPT): With an OPT extension, graduates can stay in the US and work for 12 months after completing their studies.      
  • STEM OPT Extension: Required for students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. STEM OPT extension allows you to stay and work in the United States for 24 months after graduation.
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