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  • Introduction to Colorado Technical University 
    • Colleges in Colorado Technical University 
    • Popular Courses in Colorado Technical University 
  • Master’s in Business and Management from Colorado Technical University 
  • Masters of Science in Engineering and Computer Science from Colorado Technical University 
  • Master of Science in Information Technology in Colorado Technical University 
  • Masters of Science in Criminal Justice from Colorado Technical University 
  • Duration of Master’s degree program in Colorado Technical University 
    • Eligibility to study in Colorado Technical University 
    • Documents Required to study in Colorado Technical University 
  • How much does it cost to study at Colorado Technical University?
    • Tuition Fee
    • Financial Aid and Grants at Colorado Technical University 
    • Financial Aid and Grants at Colorado Technical University 
    • Part-time Jobs
  • Why get a master’s degree at Colorado Technical University?
  • Alumni
  • Top Companies Hiring in Colorado
  • FAQs

Established in 1965, Colorado Technical University (CTU) is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a private university. It offers Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as, Doctorate courses, in business, management, and technology. In this article, we will be focusing on master’s degree programs. Colorado Technical University includes 6 colleges which are as follows-

  • College of Business and Management
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Information Systems and Technology
  • College of Project Management
  • College of Security Studies

The Most Popular Master’s programs offered by the Colorado Technical University are-

  • Masters of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship
  • Masters of Business Administration – Healthcare Management
  • Masters of Business Administration -Human Resource Management
  • Masters of Business Administration- Marketing
  • Masters of Business Administration – Operations Supply Chain management
  • Masters of Business Administration – Project Management
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Masters of Science in Computer Science
  • Masters of Computer Science – Software Engineering
  • Master’s Criminal Justice
  • Masters of Information Technology
  • Master’s in Management Project Management

Master’s in Business and Management from Colorado Technical University 

Colorado Technical University (CTU) has designed various business and management-related degrees. These degrees are designed as per the latest trends in globalization to cater to the ever-changing business world. The faculty at CTU has prior work experience of the subject/ course they teach, this adds to the practical knowledge of the students.  

The MBA programs of Colorado Technical University would enhance your leadership qualities, decision-making abilities, research skills, organizational skills, and various other managerial skills.

You would learn the following in the business and management related programs of the Colorado Technical University –

  • instruction in accounting
  • business decision-making
  • human resources management
  • leadership
  • logistics and supply chain
  • management
  • marketing
  • organization
  • production

A bachelor’s degree in business is mandatory to study business and management-related programs at the Colorado Technical University (CTU). If you do not belong to a business background then you complete two MBA related foundation courses which will cover the areas like- accounting; economics; finance; marketing; statistics; management; business law; ethics; business policy; business strategy; information technology; operations management; and global leadership. A score of 70% is necessary to continue studying the program.

However, this criterion might be brushed aside if you score 500+ on GMAT.

Applied Managerial AccountingApplied Managerial EconomicsStrategic Management in Dynamic EnvironmentsApplied Managerial Finance
Leadership and Ethical Decision-MakingApplied Managerial Decision-MakingStrategic Human Capital ManagementApplied Managerial Marketing
Concentration/ Specialization
MBA Capstone
Select any 3 Electives
Financial ReportingPerspectives on International BusinessOrganizational behavior
Integrated Marketing for EntrepreneursManaging the Healthcare OrganizationOperations Strategy
Entrepreneurial Strategy, Planning, & LeadershipManaging Organizational Development and ChangeMarketing in Digital Age
Financial Statement AnalysisIT ManagementInternational Marketing
Financial Management for Multinational EnterprisesStrategic Thinking in a Global Logistics Environment: Cultural and Legal ImplicationsProject Management Processes in Organizations


Masters of Science in Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering and Computer Science both of these are rapidly growing sectors. If one has an interest in either or both of them, earning a Master’s degree can amplify your career aspirations.

Colorado Technical University offers two masters degrees in this Domain-

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science – Software Engineering

Computerization is playing the most vital role in globalization. Coffeemakers, phones, cars, airplanes, every single industry requires people with computer knowledge and science skills. This course is designed to cater to this need for industrialization. You would gain knowledge of computer skills, explore operating systems, network architecture, and software system engineering processes. There are three electives to choose from which include data science, Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, or a general Computer Science Track.

To pursue either of the above two courses, a student’s academic and professional background must be science. A bachelor’s degree in Science is mandatory to pursue these programs. However, in some cases, if a student doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree, they may still be considered, but they need to prove that they possess the necessary knowledge and are extremely passionate about science and technology. Furthermore, they also need to complete two foundational courses with a minimum of 70% scores to continue to study the chosen program.

Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)

The program covers the following courses-

Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsDatabase Systems
Modern Operating SystemsSystems Engineering Methods
Computer NetworkingComputer Science Capstone
Computer Systems Security FoundationsElectives – Choose 5 Electives from any 600-level course
Computer Science –Software Engineering
Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsDatabase Systems
Modern Operating SystemsSystems Engineering Methods
Computer NetworkingComputer Science Capstone
Computer Systems Security Foundations 
Concentrations/ Specializations
Software Requirements Engineering
Computer System Architecture
Software Design
Software Systems Engineering Process
Any 600 level course


Master of Science in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University 

No matter which domain of business or professionalism we talk about, employers require their employees to be tech-savvy. A Master’s degree in Information Technology would not only upskill you but also provide ample job opportunities.

Colorado Technical University has designed their Master of Science in Information Technology

Program in such a way that it does not only upgrade your technological knowledge but would also teach you necessary life skills like – analytical skills, critical-thinking, problem-solving skills, etc.

The curriculum of Master of Science in Information Technology in Colorado Technical University 

Computer Systems Security FoundationsEnterprise Data ManagementStrategic Management in Dynamic Environment
Enterprise Systems ArchitectureNetworking and TelecommunicationsProject Management Processes in Organizations
Select any one course of 600 levelSelect any 4 ElectivesInformation Technology Capstone
Digital ForensicsSecurity ManagementNetwork Administration
Data and Applications SecurityDatabase ManagementEnterprise Network Architecture
Operating Systems SecurityData WarehouseIT Governance and Risk Management
Network SecurityBusiness Intelligence Systems & MethodsVirtual Systems


Masters of Science in Criminal Justice from Colorado Technical University 

If you seek to analyze current and discuss the current trends in Criminal Justice, explore terrorism, and homeland security management, then this course is just the right fit for you. During this program, you would get a chance to study and analyze issues of law, policy, and society. You would also learn how to make policies to rectify the situations.

Core Courses      
Leadership and Ethical Decision-MakingIssues of Diversity in Criminal Justice
Advanced Review of Criminal JusticeTerrorism and Homeland Security Management
Criminology and Public Policy

Special Topics in Criminal Justice

Graduate Research Methods for Administration

Concentrations/ Specializations
Court Services Management
Law Enforcement Management
Corrections Management
Graduate Criminal Justice Capstone
Operational Human Resource Management


Duration of Master’s degree program in Colorado Technical University 

Almost every master's degree program of Colorado technical University (CTU) has a duration of 18 months (1.5 years). MBA programs can also be completed within a year. However, there are other elements like- transfer credits, work and life experience, and military experience that can influence the duration of the program.

Eligibility to study Master programs in Colorado Technical University 

1. Candidate must be proficient in English and to this, scores of any one of the following tests must be submitted-

  • TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System
  • PTE Academic – Pearson Test of English

2. Standardized Exams- These are aptitude tests.

  • GRE – Graduate Record examinations (GRE) is mandatory for MBA programs
  • GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is obligatory for MS programs

3. Academic Prerequisites – Basic Bachelor’s degree in the respective field is mandatory. If your academic background does not accord with the Master’s program you have applied to, then you may have to study 2 foundational subjects and pass them with minimum 70% scores to continue to study further.

Documents Required
University Transcripts (both original and in English)IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE test scores
CV/ ResumeGRE/ GMAT sores
Essays (for MBA programs)Proof of Student Visa
2 Letters of RecommendationCopy of legit Passport
Proof of Work Experience (if applicable)Copy of Bank Statement (tor prove financial support)


How much does it cost to study at Colorado Technical University (CTU)?

On average, the tuition fee of a master’s degree at Colorado Technical University CTU would cost around… They have a tuition and graduation date calculator that calculates the amount of fee as per your chosen program. There are various ways to save your cost of studying at Colorado Technical University. For example, if you opt for fewer courses, it will reduce your fee.

Tuition Fee

Apart from your tuition fee you also need to pay a Technology Fee of $220, and a Graduation fee of $200, these remain the same for all the Master’s programs. The tuition fee for all the master’s programs in the Colorado Technical University (CTU) is $29,280, except for M.S in Homeland Security with a tuition fee of $31,720, and MS in Systems Engineering for which the tuition fee is $23,520.

Financial Aid and Grants at Colorado Technical University  CTU

Colorado Technical University (CTU) propound numerous grants and scholarships which are not to be paid back. Some of the top grants are Advantage Grant, Commitment Grant, Corporate Educational Alliances Grant, Liberty Grant, Lifelong Grant, Colorado Technical University (CTU) Patriot Scholarship.

  • Eligibility to apply for Scholarships/ Grants at Colorado Technical University
  • Admission applications must have been already accepted for a candidate to win a scholarship/grant.
  • University guidelines for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) must be met.
  • If you wish to combine 2 grants/ scholarships you need to state it clearly in your application, the university would not do so on its own. If you will not state any such request then you would be granted the best financial aid for you as per your profile.

How much does it cost to live in Colorado?

You will need around $13,670 per year to bear the living expenses of Colorado. This amount includes rent and personal expenses like food and clothing. It may vary depending on your lifestyle. Moreover, you may have to spend an additional amount of $6,248 on your books, other supplies, and healthcare.

There are many part-time jobs for the students in Colorado that can help you meet your living expenses at this place.

Part-time jobs to bear the living expenses of Colorado are-

Part-time Job ProfileIncome ($)
Data Entry (WFH)22-28/ hour
Instructors20.9-39/ hour
Wray Centre Registration Assistant/ Night Supervisor13.3/ hour
Sales Representative21/ hour
Delivery Job22/hour


Why get a master’s degree at Colorado Technical University  (CTU)?

Flexible Learning- The Colorado Technical University (CTU) gives its students the luxury of scheduling classes around their schedule. It offers traditional, hybrid, and online classes. In the case of online classes, students can fit in the schedule of classes and coursework at their convenience. Colorado Technical University  (CTU) understands the needs of its students, it does not work around a rigid set of rules.

Colorado Technical University (CTU)’s Intellipath®- Colorado Technical University  (CTU)’s intellipath® is a feature, specially designed to need the learning needs of the students. Students have to answer some questions and according to that their course is personalized so that they do not have to study again what they already have. This is an extremely practical and convenient initiative.

Colorado Technical University  Mobile – In this era of mobiles, everything has become mobile. In other words, everything is a click away all thanks to our smartphones. Colorado Technical University  (CTU) Mobile makes it easy for its students to access library books, keep track of assignments and their scores, get in touch with faculty and other students, etc.

Career guidance- Every student, alumni of Colorado Technical University (CTU) has access to career-search tools and resources, networking opportunities, and Student Success Coaches who are available to provide career advice and guidance.

Alumni of Colorado Technical University (CTU)

  • Doug Hutchinson – Doug Hutchinson is the former Mayor of Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Charles E. Milander - Charles E. Milander is an expert in social media strategy and information technology. He pursued a BSBA from Colorado Technical University. He has worked with IBM as a network administrator for 5 years. He has also been the director and professor of Technology at Manhattan Christian Academy.
  • Terry Guthrie – Terry Guthrie is an actor. He has acted in several movies. He is best known for his work in Zombie Hunter, Semi-Colon in 60 seconds, and Proper Manors.
  • Rahul M. Jindal – Currently a professor in the Department of Surgery at Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland, Rahul M. Jindal is an Indian-American transplant surgeon, humanitarian, and author

Top Companies Hiring in Colorado

Catholic Health InitiativesIng Security Life of Denver
Teletech HoldingsPilgrim’s Pride
The AnschutzCentene

  • What is Colorado Technical University known for?

Besides its quality of education, this University is known for its flexible curriculum. With about 92% of its students studying online, this university is catering to the convenience of its alumni.

  • Why get a master’s degree at Colorado Technical University?

Even if you choose to study on campus, this university will not let you lose touch with technology. With CTU Mobile it is easy for you to access library books, keep track of assignments and your scores, get in touch with faculty and other students, etc.

CTU’s intellipath learning tool is the best. It is the greatest initiative taken by the university. Every student likes his/her program to be personalized so that the things do not get repetitive, an intellipath learning tool makes it possible for you.

  • Who owns Colorado Technical University?

Perdoceo Education Corporation owns the Colorado Technical University.

  • What programs does Colorado Technical University offer online?

Colorado Technical University owns all types of online courses, such as bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorates, in the domains of computer science, management, business, nursing, healthcare, criminal justice, etc.

  • Is Colorado Technical University accredited for business programs?

Yes. Colorado Technical University is accredited for business programs by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

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