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In the UK (United Kingdom), an MBA or Master of Business Administration typically lasts one year. However, other universities, such as London Business School, offer programmes that last more than a year. The average cost of an MBA programme at a UK university can range from £23,000 to £90,000. University of Warwick, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge are a few of the best mba colleges in UK that provide MBA programmes. One of the largest economies in the world is the United Kingdom. It continues to have cordial ties with all other countries in the world. Over time, working with successful company entrepreneurs would become possible for someone with a UK MBA or Master of Business Administration from best MBA colleges in UK. You get the opportunity to take part in an industrial internship at reputable business businesses through the best MBA colleges in UK. It would help you develop practical skills. In the UK, there are 130 business schools that offer MBA programmes. More intriguingly, UK MBA requirements are less onerous than those in Canada and the USA. You can apply to the majority of best MBA colleges in UK if you have a GPA of 65% or above. Additionally, there are ways for you to pursue an MBA without a GMAT score, which is a crucial entrance criterion. Expectations of wage returns are greater since attending one of the best MBA colleges in UK requires a significant financial commitment. The yearly package for students seeking employment in the UK after completing their MBA from the best MBA colleges in UK is up to 100,000 GBP (97 lakh INR). One of the most well-liked destinations worldwide for MBA programmes is the United Kingdom. By pursuing an MBA from the best MBA colleges in UK, you can guarantee your own educational success and improve your employment prospects anywhere in the globe. A list of UK institutions that provide multiple MBA programmes across all disciplines is available. Therefore, it is quite simple to locate the programme that interests you and that also aligns with your professional objectives and desires. Here is a list of some of the best MBA colleges in UK. In addition to being among the finest in the world, the institutions on this list also provide MBA programmes to business leaders, professionals, and anyone seeking to pursue an MBA in the UK without prior job experience.


Why Study MBA in the UK 

Some advantage if students opt to study from the best MBA colleges in UK are as follows :

  • World-Class Research Infrastructure - The research resources available to UK institutions are uncompromised. According to studies, 30% and 40%, respectively, of the research conducted by UK institutions is considered "global leading" and "internationally good." You can use a strong research platform to work on numerous concepts if you have an MBA from the UK.
  • Increases the Chances of Employment - Leading corporate firms have a close relationship with UK universities. It increases the likelihood of being hired by reputable corporations throughout the world. The level of education offered in the UK is known among recruiters across the world. They most likely would choose MBA recipients from UK universities.
  • MBA at Affordable Fees - In comparison to other nations, several universities in the UK offer MBA programmes at reduced tuition costs. The colleges, which have affiliations to universities, provide MBA programmes in the UK at reasonable costs.
  • Strong Alumni Connection - You have the opportunity to become an alumnus and join the exclusive Alumni Club by earning your MBA in the UK. You might create networking chances if you have a large alumni network. It unlocks a wealth of information and resources that will advance your career.
  • Cultural Diversity - The universities' MBA programmes have more than 50% international students enrolled. The opportunity to communicate with individuals from various cultures and geographic locations is provided by this. It helps the pupils cultivate intercultural peace. This exposure to individuals from other cultures aids in networking and advances your professional career.
  • Quality Education - UK MBA degrees provide a wide range of employment prospects. The nation is well-known for providing high-quality education. Universities frequently connect with well-known corporate executives. The legacy of education supports education. It is reflected in the level of education the UK provides. Students who pursue an MBA in the UK are prepared to enter the business world with assurance.
  • Quick Graduation - In the UK, MBA programmes last one year. Graduation is hastened. The nation's education consultants provide all-inclusive and specialised support services. The students benefit from time and money savings without sacrificing their education. You can enter the workforce sooner as a result.
  • Reputation - The top 100 universities in the world are all located in the UK. The UK is home to four of the top 10 universities. Having an MBA from the UK gives your resume more authority.


Types of MBA Specialization

By picking the best MBA colleges in UK, students' profiles are enhanced by giving them the knowledge and experience they need to become innovators and change-makers in the competitive business world. Here are some of the Specialization in the MBA :

  • MBA in General Management - Graduates of the MBA London programme learn how to manage a company's general operations. Leadership, management communication, and organizational behaviour are the main subjects addressed by the best MBA colleges in UK. The broad option for MBA specialization is an MBA in general management.
  • MBA in Marketing - One of the most popular MBA concentrations is the MBA in Marketing. One of the most in-demand MBA programmes today offers excellent income. Students gain knowledge of customer behaviour and how to design appealing commercials and goods. Branding, market research, consumer psychology, and digital marketing are all subjects included in best MBA colleges in UK.
  • MBA in Business Strategy - Your MBA in Business Strategy will help you develop the business skills you need and improve your comprehension of the factors that affect a company's success or failure. After graduation, a larger choice of professions will be available thanks to an MBA in business strategy. MBA candidates will learn business theory and analytics, and they must be exceptional problem solvers.
  • MBA in Finance - Another popular option for graduate students is an MBA in finance. Financial theory and analysis, as well as subjects like investments, portfolio management, fund-raising, borrowing, and international finance management, will all be covered for students.
  • MBA in Human Resource - An MBA in human resources management entails either managing personnel in accordance with business standards or hiring new staff and giving them the necessary training.
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship - Students who pursue an MBA in entrepreneurship in the UK are encouraged to pursue a career in starting their own small business or venture or to work as executives in early-stage enterprises. Many entrepreneur-focused MBA programmes will let students choose an industry to concentrate on during their study.
  • MBA in Operations Management - Logistics or supply chain management are similar to an MBA in operations management in the UK. Managing, planning, and implementing the complete process of producing goods and services is what it means to work in operations management. Strategic thinking and risk management are skills that students must possess.
  • MBA in Consulting - Students will be prepared to become business consultants with an MBA in Consulting. Important subjects including corporate problem solving, communication and presentation skills, and a number of other business courses are taught at leading institutions in the UK. If they want to have a successful career in business, many students pick an MBA in consulting.
  • MBA in Accounting - Students who pursue an MBA in Accounting will be prepared in business, finance, and accounting. Cost management, company strategy, financial accounting, and managerial accounting are topics offered by the leading institutions in the UK for an MBA in accounting. Candidates having a bachelor's degree in accounting are qualified for the MBA with a specialty in accounting. 
  • MBA in Environment Management & Sustainability - Your MBA in environmental management and sustainability will provide you with a solid business administration background that incorporates sustainability ideas. Students who want to establish sustainable manufacturing methods and eco-friendly practices like this MBA specialty.


Top Universities in the UK for MBA

1. London Business School 

London Business School (LBS), which came in at number four on the QS Global MBA rankings, is undoubtedly among the best MBA colleges in UK. Getting accepted into LBS is a dream come true for any international student hoping to earn their MBA in the UK. In addition to providing a conventional MBA, LBS also provides an Executive MBA, which you may pursue at LBS campuses in Shanghai, New York, and Hong Kong. The cost of tuition for the MBA programme in 2020, which includes the students' special 1-week foreign travels with Global Business Experience LBS, will be $100,000.

2. Said Business School 

A division of the University of England is the Sad Business School. The one-year, full-time MBA programme at this business school and its impressive 91% employment rate are its greatest features. The institution was established 24 years ago, but only recently has it emerged as a top business school. Its highly esteemed connection to Oxford is a key draw for international students. Its MBA programme is ranked second in the UK and thirteenth worldwide by The Financial Times. Being second only to London Business School is no small accomplishment. For overseas students, the average cost of the MBA programme is between $70k and $80k.

3. Imperial College Business School 

Consider applying to Imperial College Business School if you're seeking for the best MBA colleges in UK from a business school that accepts applicants with undergraduate degrees from non-financial areas. It offers several programmes in a variety of topics, including data science, technology, financial analysis, and health economics. International students who are currently employed in the UK might consider it as well. They should consider the two-year Executive MBA and a weekend MBA. The rating of the Imperial College Business School is very impressive. According to QS's global rankings, its MBA programme is in the top 20 globally. The cost of tuition for a full-time or executive MBA is between $60k and $70k.

4. Judge Business School 

The business school of the renowned University of Cambridge is this esteemed institution. The institution was established in 1990 and is known after the name of its first patron. The business school only accepts 200 students for its 12-month full-time programme due to its extremely rigorous admissions standards. For professionals, the university also offers an Executive MBA. The Cambridge MBA programmes provide a strong emphasis on the implementation of business ideas in the real world through partnerships with leading businesses like Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, etc. The cost of tuition for master's degrees is between $70k and $80k, including course materials and basic Cambridge College membership.

5. Warwick Business School

Actually, Warwick Business School is a division of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Warwick University. There are undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes available. Its one-year MBA programme, however, is well-known internationally. The majority of its MBA programmes incorporate extensive study of business ideas as well as foreign travel and its also considered one of the best MBA colleges in UK. In the global QS rankings for business schools, Warwick is ranked 34th. For 2020, Warwick Business School's MBA tuition will cost between $50,000 and $60,000.

6. Cranfield School of Management

Under the direction of Cranfield University, Cranfield School of Management is predominantly a postgraduate institution. Only 100 students are accepted each year into its full-time, one-year MBA programme. Cranfield is a well-liked option among overseas students seeking an MBA in the UK due to its 94% employment record and abundance of scholarships. You can complete your MBA in specialised fields like military, energy, human resources, etc. in addition to the conventional curriculum. According to the QS World University Rankings, Cranfield's MBA programme is ranked number 51 worldwide. The normal MBA program's entire tuition for 2020 ranges between $40k and $50k.

7. University of Edinburgh Business School 

Three separate MBA options are available from the University of Edinburgh Business School. You can choose between enrolling in a conventional 12-month MBA programme or a 12-month MBA programme with an international exchange. The institution provides a 27-month part-time MBA programme for CEOs and other professionals. Students with distinctive leadership and entrepreneurial mindsets are valued at this university. Accountancy, entrepreneurship, finance, general management, health care management, and other of its most well-liked curricula are just a few examples and its also considered one of the best MBA colleges in UK. The whole tuition for an MBA and an MBA with an international exchange programme costs between $30k and $40k.

8. Alliance Manchester Business School 

The business department at the University of Manchester is well-regarded for its emphasis on research. Students in its MBA programme may take on up to three real-world consulting assignments. The program's timeline is also negotiable. You can extend it for up to 1.5 years. Its part-time MBA programme is very noteworthy. It may be pursued from Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo (Brazil). Alliance Manchester Business School is ranked 48th worldwide in the QS Rankings. The cost of an MBA in the UK for overseas students this year is between $50,000 and $60,000.

9. Durham University Business School 

This business school's MBA programme, which is a part of Durham University, boasts a 95% employment rate. The school's full-time MBA programme, which may be finished in 12 or 15 months and largely focuses on developing students' technology, entrepreneurial, and consulting abilities Top specialities at Durham Business School include leadership, marketing, operations management, and international business and its also considered one of the best MBA colleges in UK. Currently, Durham University Business School charges between $30k and $40k for a full-time MBA.

10. Strathclyde Business School 







One of the main colleges of the University of Strathclyde in Scotland is Strathclyde Business School. It is ranked among the top 14 business schools in the UK by Financial Times and its also considered one of the best MBA colleges in UK. Reputable magazines like The Economist also give its Executive MBA very good marks. Additionally, the institution has six foreign locations. The MBA programmes at Strathclyde promote teamwork, healthy competition, and the development of fundamental business skills. All students at the institution pay the same tuition. The whole cost of the full-time MBA programme this year is between $40k and $50k.

Admission Process

For best MBA colleges in UK, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Academic requirements: You must have an undergraduate degree that you have finished with a score of at least 50–60%. A higher score can also be required by some colleges.
  • Personal Essays: You must submit a personal essay outlining your motivations for applying to the MBA programme. Including your professional aspirations and any past team-working experience you may have.
  • Scores on language proficiency tests: You must provide an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher, or a TOEFL score of 95 or higher.
  • GMAT score: In the UK, the majority of MBA programmes demand it. The prerequisite and eligibility score may be found on the university websites.
  • Prior Job Experience: MBA programmes in the UK favour applicants with at least 2-3 years of prior work experience. This is done to guarantee that the talks in the classroom remain formal. Students may support one another and exchange useful information.
  • An updated CV or resume: You must have a polished resume or CV that details your accomplishments, credentials, and experience.
  • Recommendation letter: Ensure that you obtain one or more letters of support from your managers or employers.
  • Proof of Financial Sustain: You must show evidence that you have the means to support yourself while you are pursuing your degree. You must have enough money to support both your daily expenses and your studies.


As a result of their great employment chances and networking opportunities to launch your career, best MBA colleges in UK provide significant investment returns. Additionally, the UK's welcoming people and cultural variety offer a favorable atmosphere for your general development and education. Take the first step in realizing your ambition of studying abroad in the UK by doing so, and prepare for a life filled with limitless opportunities. It's never easy to decide to move away from home to pursue your education, but you must do so if you want to pursue your ambition of earning an MBA in the UK. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the process of admission to universities for an MBA in the UK?

Admission to MBA programs in UK universities requires you to have a recognized bachelor’s degree and competitive GMAT scores. Additionally, you may also require prior work experience and at least 60% marks in your bachelor’s degree mark sheet. 

Yes absolutely. Pursuing an MBA from the UK prepares you for global opportunities. Many universities that provide MBA programs in the UK and internationally recognized. They help you hone the skills to become eligible for opportunities anywhere in the world.

Yes, there are many scholarships available to students who want to pursue MBA in the UK. You can enquire about them by sending emails to your prospective college.

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