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Cyber security jobs in USA is becoming a crucial component of any company's strategy for development, security, and sustainability in today's digital environment. The demand for cybersecurity skills will increase in 2023 and beyond as firms expand. The field of cyber security jobs in USA is expanding and yet requires qualified personnel. Market analysts predict that the worldwide cyber security jobs in USA industry will increase from $170 billion in 2017 to $202 billion in 2023.

During the past several years, there has been a considerable increase in the need for cyber security jobs in USA. By 2023, there will be more than 1 million open positions in the field of cyber security, but fewer than 400,000 people will have received cybersecurity training. The field of cyber security jobs in USA is constantly expanding. In 2023 and 2025, respectively, it is predicted to expand by 11% and 20%. The median annual income for this fast-paced job is $81,000. We will talk about the top cyber security jobs in USA in 2023 in this post. Along with discussing the educational requirements needed to be qualified in each of these disciplines, we will also talk about the potential careers and pay for each of these occupations.

Rise in Cyber Security Jobs in USA

You'll see how vulnerable any digital network is to illegal entry from a third party when you give this some attention. This is regarded as a cyberattack. An organisation loses data, money, and the patrons' trust when they experience a cyberattack. Cybersecurity is used to stop these harmful cyberattacks. Protecting networks and computer systems from unwanted online access is the practice of cybersecurity.

Cyberattacks are expected to treble soon due to the rise in the creation of digital data. This demonstrates that the need for experts who can assure data security will lead to a rise in the number of cyber security employment. According to research, there is a shortage of qualified candidates for cyber security positions, yet there are many job openings. This article will provide you a quick overview of the top employment opportunities in the subject of cyber security and how you can go about getting your ideal position.

Entry, Mid and Advanced Level Jobs in Cyber Security Jobs in USA

A rising sector of the economy, cybersecurity requires qualified workers to fill entry-, mid-, and advanced-level positions. The need for cybersecurity positions is predicted to increase by 18% over the following five years. Protecting computer networks and data against unwanted access, use, or destruction is the focus of the cybersecurity sector. Professionals in cybersecurity come in a wide range of specialties and skill sets. Only a high school diploma or GED equivalent and some on-the-job training are needed for entry-level cybersecurity work. An associate's degree in computer science or a closely related discipline, one year of professional experience, plus a few specialised education courses are needed for mid-level roles. A bachelor's degree in computer science or a closely related discipline, three years of experience, and specialised education courses are necessary for advanced-level roles.

What Are the Benefits of a Career in Cyber Security Jobs in USA?

There are many prospects for growth and development in the cybersecurity business, which is in high demand. Although it has the potential to be financially rewarding, the sector also carries a great deal of responsibility. It is the responsibility of cybersecurity experts to defend against assaults from hackers, viruses, and other online hazards. These experts frequently collaborate with other IT specialists, including software developers or programmers, in teams. One of the numerous advantages of choosing this professional route is:

  • The capacity to defend individuals and organisations against online dangers and so impact the world.
  • The chance to acquire new field-related abilities and information.
  • An opportunity to work on-site or remotely.
  • An opportunity to study in the best universities in USA like MIT, Harvard University and Michigan University.

What Are the Skills Needed to Become a Cyber Security Professional?

A cybersecurity expert must possess a wide range of abilities. A cybersecurity expert must be able to think critically and solve problems while also comprehending the intricate methods used in the field. A cybersecurity expert must be able to comprehend how networks operate, how they are constructed, and how they may be compromised. They must be aware of the software's weaknesses and how it operates. They need understanding of cryptography, mathematics, programming languages, networking protocols, data structures, and design patterns. You also need to be familiar with legal matters including privacy regulations and intellectual property rules, as well as security standards. Both computer forensics and defensive tactics like penetration testing and vulnerability analysis must be understood by them. You need the following talents in order to work in cybersecurity:

  • IT Security Expertise: One of the most crucial abilities for a cybersecurity practitioner to possess is this one. You should be able to comprehend how hackers operate and what they do to thwart attacks on the network or data of your company.
  • Expertise in Cybersecurity Laws: The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, for example, is only one of the laws that cybersecurity professionals need to be knowledgeable with.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2023, there will be around 1 million cybersecurity job openings across the country.

Cyber Security Career and Average Cyber Security Salary 

After learning about the potential in the field of cyber security and the development in the number of employment in this area, let's examine the various career roles that are accessible. There are several positions in cyber security, however they all have different responsibilities. The following criteria can be used to group these jobs:

  • Your educational qualification
  • Professional work experience
  • Your area of interest. For example, some candidates are into coding and some others prefer managerial posts
  • The cybersecurity certifications you hold

You may select the ideal cyber security position that matches your area of expertise by examining the aforementioned factors.

Top Cyber Security Jobs in USA

1. Chief Information Security Officer - CISO

An organization's entire information security is ensured by a senior-level professional known as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). In addition to interacting with stakeholders and informing them of the issues with information security, CISOs are in charge of creating and managing programmes for information security and risk management. A CISO is typically someone who has excelled in a number of different cybersecurity-related positions.

CISO Skills

Due to the seniority of this position, it is desirable that candidates for CISO positions have both an MBA and a degree in computer science. A strong skill set is necessary for a possible candidate to hold the post of CISO. Here are some of the more significant ones:

  • IT experience
  • Incident management and supervisory skills
  • Business expertise
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Risk management

CISO Certifications

Most of the cybersecurity jobs need you to possess the required cybersecurity credentials. The more qualifications you hold, the more your cybersecurity career will advance. The suggested credentials for CISO candidates are the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) titles (CISSP).

CISO Salary

The average yearly cybersecurity compensation for a CISO in the United States is $166,329, while in India, it is 2,300,785, according to PayScale.

2. Security Architect

Strong security mechanisms that are utilised to thwart malware assaults must be designed by a security architect. They carry out vulnerability assessments and aid the other security team members technically.

Security Architect Skills

It is preferred that you have a degree in computer science or information technology to work as a security architect. Many crucial competencies include:

  • Strong IT experience
  • Experience in the risk management sector
  • Network hardware configuration
  • Knowledge of security protocols and cryptography
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills

Security Architect Certifications

To become a security architect, the certifications which will benefit your career are CompTIA Security+ and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

Security Architect Salary

The average annual cybersecurity income in this job function is $125,630 in the United States and 2,151,258 in India, according to PayScale.

3. Cybersecurity Engineer

Engineers that specialize in cyber security create security methods to protect a company from cyberattacks. They are in charge of safeguarding the organization's data and network infrastructure. To preserve overall security, they work with the other teams to build cybersecurity systems.

Cybersecurity Engineer Skills

The first step in becoming a cybersecurity engineer is earning a degree in computer science or information technology. You should have at least two years of work experience in the sector before taking on the position of a cybersecurity engineer. Let's examine some other abilities that a cybersecurity engineer should possess:

  • Good networking skills
  • An understanding of architecture and management of operating systems
  • Knowledge of C, C++ is required. Python and Java knowledge is also essential
  • Strong communication and presentation skills

Cybersecurity Engineer Certifications

A Certified Ethical Hacker certification or a CompTIA Security+ certification are both acceptable credentials for a cybersecurity engineer. One might also pursue advanced certifications based on experience level.

Cybersecurity Engineer Salary

The average yearly cybersecurity income for a cybersecurity engineer in the United States is $97,607, while it is 683,339 in India, according to PayScale.

4. Malware Analyst 

A malware analyst recognizes and investigates online dangers including viruses, worms, bots, and trojans to learn more about them. Finally, they outline the ways to defend against malware attacks after developing tools for malware protection.

Malware Analyst Skills

Like other cybersecurity positions, the first requirement to work as a malware analyst is to hold a degree in computer science or information technology. Before working as a malware analyst, it's advisable to have at least two years of relevant professional experience. Some abilities that a malware analyst should have include:

  • Candidates must know Windows, Linux, UNIX operating systems
  • Sound knowledge of C and C++ is needed
  • Usage of tools like IDA Pro, OllyDbg, RegShot, and TCP view is required
  • Strong communication and presentation skills

Malware Analyst Certifications

Holding a GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM) certification is a plus for point for this position. 

Malware Analyst Salary

Malware analysts in the United States make an average yearly pay of $92,880 in cybersecurity, according to PayScale. Glassdoor claims that it is 5L in India.

5. Penetration Tester

A network security expert who tests for vulnerabilities in a system is known as a penetration tester, often referred to as an ethical hacker. They create fresh penetration tools and record the outcomes of the tests.

Penetration Tester Skills

You require between one and four years of information security experience to work as a penetration tester. The following are some more crucial abilities:

  • Good networking skills
  • Knowledge of Windows, Linux, UNIX operating systems. Also, knowledge of C, C++ is required
  • Knowledge of Java, Python, and Perl is also vital
  • Black box testing
  • Strong reporting, communication and presentation skills

Penetration Tester Certifications

Certifications like the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Expert Penetration Tester (CEPT), and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) are necessary to be considered for this position.

Penetration Tester Salary

Penetration testers get an average yearly pay of $125,630 in the United States and 2,151,258 in India, according to PayScale.

6. Computer Forensics Analyst

In cyberattack situations, computer forensics analysts collect digital evidence and recover data. They focus on restoring data that has been altered, erased, or stolen.

Computer Forensics Analyst Skills

A bachelor's degree and previous professional experience in the subject are prerequisites for becoming a computer forensics analyst. Moreover, they need the following abilities:

  • Networking knowledge
  • Knowledge of cybersecurity
  • Understanding of law and criminal investigation
  • A sound analytical mind with attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills

Computer Forensics Analyst Certifications

Analysts in computer forensics may be certified as Certified Forensic Computer Examiners (CFCE) or Certified Computer Examiners (CCE) (CCE)

Computer Forensics Analyst Salary

Computer forensics analysts get an average yearly pay of $75,120 in the United States and 700,000 in India, according to PayScale.

7. Application Security Engineer

The person who develops, implements, and maintains the security of an organization's applications is an application security engineer. They are in charge of creating and carrying out regulations that will safeguard against both internal and external dangers. An application security engineer's normal day begins with a review of the previous day's findings and the correction of any flaws or vulnerabilities. They will then work with other engineers to organize the work for the next day. Depending on the employer and level of expertise, an application security engineer's pay may change. The typical income is between $78,000 and $116,000, however if you are a senior-level engineer or have more than 10 years of experience, your pay may go to $150,000.

8. Cloud Security Specialist

Cloud security experts are in great demand and will continue to be so as a result of the rising reliance on the cloud. A cloud security specialist's job is to defend networks, systems, and data against cyber-attacks. They accomplish this by identifying risks and weak spots, putting safety measures in place, keeping an eye out for incursions on networks, and checking legal compliance.

The protection of data kept on a cloud server is the responsibility of cloud security experts. They create and put into place rules and practises that safeguard data against unapproved access, modification, or disclosure. Depending on their level of experience, cloud security specialists are paid differently. An entry-level worker may expect to make between $50K and $60K per year, while an experienced worker can expect to make between $90K and 110K per year.

9. Database Administrator

The individual who oversees and administers the database is known as the database administrator. They are in charge of planning, building, and upkeep of the database. Moreover, database managers must guarantee the safety and security of the data stored in the database. Each organization's ability to operate smoothly depends on its database administrators. They are in charge of ensuring the databases are operating effectively and safely. Database administrators must be knowledgeable in databases, IT systems, and programming languages. This position is highly sought after and pays well. Depending on their degree of experience, database administrators may earn an average income between $50,000 and $200,000.

10. Incident Manager

A person who manages and resolves events is known as an incident manager. When an event occurs, they are the ones that are called in to remedy it. The ability to manage various situations and the ability to think quickly are the two most crucial requirements for this position. An incident manager's pay is influenced by their employer, their location, and their experience. Nonetheless, an average incident manager compensation is roughly $65,000 per year.


The need for skilled cybersecurity workers is rising along with the frequency, breadth, and size of cyberattacks. The area is not only rewarding and exciting, but it also provides many prospects for career advancement, great pay, and the potential to truly impact businesses and the industry. One can also prefer to pursue Masters in  Computer Science.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the highest-paying cyber security jobs?

Security Solutions Architect. Annual salary range: $156,500-$194,500.

It depends on your skills and interests.

Jobs for computer network architects, and computer systems administrators are in demand.

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