Architectural Engineering Overview : Colleges, Syllabus, Eligibility, Jobs and more

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There has been an increase in the demand of professionals in the field of architecture. As the technology advances the need for qualified workers changes accordingly. With good colleges and programs one can build the principal skills to make a dream career in this field. The scope in this field has expanded over time and attracted a lot of students to make a career in architecture. This article covers top colleges to study Architectural Engineering in USA, course curriculum, eligibility criteria, jobs and more essential information.

University/CollegeCourses AvailableYearly Fees (in INR)
Northeastern University
  • Architecture and Design and Information Design
  • Architectural Studies
  • Landscape Architecture
42.0 lakhs
Arizona State University
  • Urban Planning, Urban and Environmental Planning
25.0 lakhs
Arizona State University
  • Architectural Studies
42.0 lakhs
Arizona State University
  • Landscape Architecture
24.7 lakhs
Texas A&M University
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Architectural Engineering
26.6 lakhs
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Urban Science and Planning with Computer Science
  • Urban Planning
39.8 lakhs
Stanford University
  • Engineering in Architecture Design
62.6 lakhs
University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture
37.3 lakhs
New York University
  • Urban Design and Architecture Studies
38.8 lakhs
University of Texas
  • Architectural Engineering
47.2 lakhs
Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture
39.7 lakhs
University of Southern California
  • Bachelor of Architecture
58.3 lakhs
University of California
  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
30.6 lakhs


Admission Eligibility for Bachelors in Architecture Colleges in USA

However, all the colleges have different eligibility criteria for their architecture programs but there are some basic qualifications which must be fulfilled.

  • A strong Academic Area
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • SAT score: Average 400 for overall test
  • ACT score: Average between 25-36

Admission Requirements for Bachelors in Architecture Colleges in USA

Once you are sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria there are certain documents or tests required to apply for an Architecture College in the USA.

  • Academic Records: 10th and 12th grade qualifying certificate
  • Proof of proficiency in English: Average score between 46 to 59 (TOEFL) and 6.5 and more (IELTS)
  • A statement of purpose

Course-Curriculum of a Bachelors in Architecture Program in USA

The course structure for an Architecture program varies from university to university. The curriculum is usually divided into basic sciences and foundational engineering subjects: the initial semesters, specialisation subjects combined with lab sessions and design studio sessions in the following semesters.

The subjects included in the course-curriculum are aimed to impart both theoretical and practical knowledge on the nuances of architectural design and construction.

You can expect the following basic course structure from architectural colleges in USA:

Semester ISemester II
Engineering MathematicsBasic Electronics Engineering
Professional Communication SkillsEngineering thermodynamics
Fundamental ArchitectureChemistry Lab
Engineering PhysicsEngineering Chemistry
Engineering MechanicsFundamental Architecture Studio
Engineering Mechanics LabBuilding Structure
Engineering Physics LabEngineering Maths
Computer Programming (Theory+Lab)Basic Electronics Engineering (theory+Lab)


Semester IIISemester IV
Surveying (Theory+Practical)Structural Analysis
Mechanics of SolidSurveying
Fluid SystemsGeotechnical Systems
ClimatologyHistory of Architecture
History of ArchitectureDesign Studio
Fluid Systems LabStrength of Material Lab
Building ConstructionBuilding Construction


Semester VSemester VI
Solid MechanicsWorking Drawings
Interior Architecture and Space ProgrammingConcrete Structures
Steel StructuresArchitectural Design Studio: Functionally Complex Buildings
Building ConstructionProfessional Electives
Concrete StructuresTheory of Architecture
RCC StructuresHousing


Semester VIISemester VIII
Water Resources EngineeringPractical Viva Voice
Matrix Methods of Structural AnalysisProject Work
Introduction to Urban DesignIndustrial Management
Professional Electives 
Estimation, Costing and Valuation 


Cost of a Bachelors in Architecture In USA

Tuition Fees -

A bachelors of Architecture in the USA is usually for 4 years with 8 descriptive semesters. The average tuition fees for undergraduate architecture courses ranges between 42,000 USD to 59,000 USD. This cost might differ according to the choice of university (public or private).

Other Regular Expenses -

Following are the regular expenditures in daily life which differ in different areas in the USA.

ItemExpense Range (Monthly)
Rent of apartment1000 to 2000 USD
Meals30 to 40 USD (one meal)
Transportation100 to 300 USD
Personal Expenses300 to 600 USD
Health Insurance450 



Scholarships Available in Architecture Colleges in USA

Studying abroad is a little difficult because of the huge amount of finances required. However, there are various scholarships provided to international students in the USA.

Some of the scholarships for Indian students who wish to pursue an architectural degree are:

Tata Scholarship for Cornell University -

The Tata education and development trust established a 25 million USD endowment with Cornell University to fund outstanding Indian students pursuing undergraduate studies. It supports 20 scholars each year.


  • Must be an Indian citizen
  • Must have completed secondary school in India
  • Must have been accepted in one of the Cornell’s University UG program
  • Should be eligible for a need based scholarship

Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships -

The largest funded private scholarship program, Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships, sponsors several types of scholarships.

Academic Year Ambassadorial ScholarshipAwards of 25,000 USD
Multi-year Ambassadorial ScholarshipsAwards of 12000 USD
Cultural Ambassadorial ScholarshipsAwards of 12000 to 19000 USD



  • Citizen of a country in which rotary clubs are present
  • Completed two years of college level coursework or its equivalent  
  • Initial application must be made through rotary clubs

Other Scholarships for Undergraduate Applicants -

ScholarshipAward OfferedNo. of Scholars
Self-score International Student Scholarship5000 USD6
Chevron Scholarship2000 USD2
Westerns Union Foundations Global Scholarship Program2500 USD100
Global Students Scholarships1000 USD1
Asian Women In Business25000 USDNot Fixed
Ivy Parker Memorial Scholarship2000 USDNot Fixed
RD Sethna Loan Scholarship130 USDNot Fixed


Jobs & Salaries: Scope of Architecture In USA

An architect has a wide range of options for career growth in both the private and government sector.

Government Organisations for Architectural Professionals:

Public Works DepartmentNation Building OrganisationNational Institute of Urban Affairs
Hindustan Prefab LimitedArchaeological DepartmentHindustan Aeronautics Limited
Public Service CommissionUrban Development CooperationMinistry of Defence
City Development CorporationDepartment of RailwaysHousing Boards


Private Organisations for Architectural Professionals:

Arcop AssociatesHBA InternationalSkets StudioSleek International
Greenply IndustriesHafele IndiaC.P Kukreja AssociatesL&T
DLFJindalsIMAXESomaya & Kalappa Consultants.


Top Jobs and Salary Range for Architectural Professionals:

Jobs RolesAverage Annual Salary (in USD)
Architectural Engineer47,000 to 130,000
Architectural Historian43,000 to 90,000
Art Director50,000 to 150,000
Landscape Architect40,000 to 110,000

Mostly, architects choose to opt for jobs which include responsibilities such as construction design, coordinating with construction processes, finalysing projects, construction of residential as well as commercial buildings etc. Apart from that they can work as Civil Engineer, Land Developer and Structural Engineer also.


Q. Which is the cheapest university in the USA for Architectural Engineering?

A. The cheapest Architectural engineering program is offered by a few universities in the USA     including University of Texas, Austin; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg; California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; University of California, Berkeley.

Q. Which is the best architecture university in the USA?

A. Some of the best universities to study architecture in the USA include University of California, Berkeley; Columbia University; University of California, Los Angeles; Georgia Institute of Technology and many more.

Q. How much does it cost to study architecture in the USA?

A. The cost of pursuing a bachelors in architectural engineering in the USA is likely to cost between 100,000 USD to 180,000 USD.

Q. What is the average salary after graduation in architecture in the USA?

A. The average salary ranges according to the work experience of students. For a graduate with less than 1 year of experience, the average salary is 50,000 USD. Furthermore, for a graduate with 1 - 4 years of experience, the average salary is 60,000 USD.

Q. What is the scope of Architecture in the USA?

A. Generally, architects are highly respectable professionals in the society. The projected growth rate of architects in the USA is around 8% till 2028 while that in other countries is still around 5%. Thus there will be a lot of opportunities in this field for the next few years.

Q. What to do after pursuing a bachelor's in Architectural Engineering in the USA?

A. After completing your bachelor's in Architecture engineering you can either choose to go for a masters degree or take up a job. The USA has some of the top universities for masters in architecture. Also, there are many public and private companies hiring architecture graduates.


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