7 Reasons Why ESSEC Business School Is The Number 1 Choice For Students

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ESSEC business school is an innovation-focused establishment and provides its students with the opportunity to excel in their respective fields. It is situated in Europe, with its presence in Morocco, Singapore, and France.

Moreover, it is one of the few business schools with the triple accreditation of AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS. This article will focus on why ESSEC business school might be the best choice for you. We will also inform you of this institute's various requirements and selection procedures.

7 reasons why ESSEC Business School is best for you

As we all know that ESSEC business school is one of the top-ranked business schools in the world. ESSEC business school is the first institute to obtain AACSB accreditation and is one of the most competitive business schools present in the world.

Here are some reasons why ESSEC business school is the number 1 choice for students:

  • Focusing on international business skills- In today's market, you ought to know about the international business world no matter which industry you belong to. The ESSEC business school offers a global MBA that focuses on teaching its students to widen their horizons and look at everything in a multicultural construct.
  • Global networking and connections- The student body at ESSEC business school consists of 90% international students. This means that the students can maintain a professional relationship and help each other out by creating a global network and connections. With the help of this program, the students can gain valuable insights and overcome challenges they face while learning about business across the globe and cultures.
  • Offering majors in many courses- The ESSEC business school offers a major program for various courses. Thus, allowing you to get an MBA in the specialization you are interested in. The six majors offered by the institute are digital business, strategy and management, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, hospitality management, and luxury brand management.
  • Choose amongst the various campuses- The ESSEC business school allows its students to choose between the campuses depending on the majors they are interested in. This allows its students to learn about various cultures and make rational decision that suits them the best. The MBA program offered by the institute also includes various field trips allowing students to get real-life experience.
  • Get a push start into your career- The ESSEC business school has one of the top ranks for employability in Europe. The institute offers world-class infrastructure and a curriculum that would kick-start any student's career into overdrive. Over 90% of the students get employed after four months of graduating. This is all possible due to the institute's excellent counseling, mentorship programs, and workshops.
  • Flexible courses- The ESSEC business school allows you to design the courses to help you gain a specialty in your interested field. The institute encourages you to focus on your learning paths and develop a flexible academic journey. Thus, allowing its students to concentrate on what would benefit them.
  • Practical experience- ESSEC's mission is to prepare all of its students for the challenges faced in the business society in the world. To prepare them, they let their students get practical experience by introducing various real-life projects that focus on the international market and include various cultures. This allows the students to be ready for the real world and tackle any situation easily.

ESSEC Business School MIM

The ESSEC business school Masters in Management or MIM program is a two-year program. You would be very happy to learn that this program also accepts CAT scores for the admission procedure. The MIM program at ESSEC business school is considered one of the world's best management programs.

This program focuses on making the students business smart and also great leaders. Hence, reassuring their paths to a successful and bright future.

How to apply to ESSEC Business School

It is pretty simple when it comes to applying to ESSEC business school. All that an interested candidate needs to do is register themselves through the official website. You must remember that the fee for the online application is around €100. After applying, proceed by filling out all the forms and submitting the documents required. The last date for applying is on 15th of April.

Documents required for ESSEC Business School

Once you are done applying, you should be aware of the various documents required in the later stages. The list of documents that you need to send to the ESSEC business school is as follows:

  • Test results for GMAT, GRE, TAGE MAGe, or CAT scores.
  • Test scores for the English proficiency test.
  • Copy of your Bachelor's degree and official transcripts.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • A motivational letter.

Eligibility criteria for ESSEC Business School

There are some basic academic requirements that a candidate must meet to apply to the ESSEC business school. The eligibility criteria for ESSEC business school are as follows:

  • You should have a Bachelor's degree of a minimum of 3 years in any field.
  • The age restriction is 32 years or younger to be eligible.
  • You must take one of these Standardized tests GMAT, GRE, TAGE MAGE, or CAT.
  • You must take one of the English proficiency tests, IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC.
  • You do not need to take the English proficiency test if you are a domestic student or have spent three years in an English-speaking university.

The selection process for ESSEC Business School

As we all know, as ESSEC business school is one of the top-ranked institutes globally, it increases competitiveness by a huge margin. You should know about the basic selection procedure to stand a chance of getting admitted to ESSEC business school.

The selection procedure is held in three parts. The first part is known as the preliminary screening or selection round. In this round, your submitted application will be assessed, evaluated, and compared thoroughly. The admission officers will look at your GMAT, TAGE MAGE, GRE, or CAT scores.

Suppose you are not a domestic student or have not studied for three years in an English-speaking university. In that case, the test results for the English proficiency exam will also be taken into consideration.

The second part of the selection procedure is the interview round. The selected candidates from the first round have to take an in-person or online interview. This part of the selection procedure is mandatory as this helps the admission officers to get a better sense of your nature and personality.

And finally, the third and last part of the selection procedure. Candidates screened through the previous rounds are then contacted and offered admission into the institute.

If you agree, then you have to pay up to €6,000 of deposit which will later be compensated in your tuition fee later on. You should remember that this fee is non-refundable and will not be given back if you decide to back out of the admission.

Fee structure for ESSEC Business School

The fee structure for the two-year master's program at ESSEC business school is as follows:

  • A non-refundable deposit of €6000 has to be paid when getting admitted.
  • The remaining tuition fee of €34,900 has to be paid before 31st August.
  • The total tuition fee, including deposit and tuition fee, is €40,900.


1- What is the average GMAT score for ESSEC business school?

You should get a GMAT score of 600 or above to get considered for admission into the institute.

2- Is ESSEC a good business school?

ESSEC business school is ranked the sixth-best business school present in Europe. It provides its students with a variety of opportunities, thus making them successful in their respective fields. 90% of the students land a job after four months of graduating. Hence, making it one of the best business schools present in the world.

3- How hard is it to get into ESSEC business school?

ESSEC business school is one of the most competitive business schools present around the globe. It has an acceptance rate of 13.7%, which might make it seem impossible to get admitted. Although if you follow all the requirements and perform well in your academic grades and standardized tests, you might get accepted.

4- Does ESSEC accept CAT?

Only Indian applicants are allowed to apply using CAT results. Thus, you do not have to participate in any other tests such as GMAT or GRE to get accepted.

5- Is ESSEC Singapore good?

Yes, SMU is a great school, although it is not a global brand such as ESSEC. SMU is only well known in Singapore and SE- Asia. If you want to just stay in Singapore or search for a good school in Singapore, it might be the best choice.

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