5 Reasons Why Yale School of Management Is Your Dream School

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Yale School of Management is one of the best management schools present globally. With this reputation comes extreme competitiveness to get accepted into the institute. Yale is a top-ranked Ivy school and thus has a very low acceptance.

This acceptance rate varies from course to course. For example, the acceptance rate for the management program was 8.5%, while the acceptance rate for the medicine physician program was only 3.6%.

This article will inform you about the various reasons why Yale SOM is made for you and how it is better than the other Ivy schools.

5 Reasons why Yale SOM is your dream school

Yale has been ranked as one of the best Ivy schools globally. Apart from the fabulous infrastructure and facilities, Yale offers its students many features that would be a dream come true. Here are some of the reasons why Yale SOM is your dream school:

  • The school has a tight-knit community- Yale students receive a lot of help with their academics and internships. They might also land a successful job just after graduating from the institute and give students a sudden boost in their careers. Thus, creating a healthy and positive network between the SOM ecosystem.
  • Landing a job in the non-profit or public sector- Yale SOM is known for taking a keen interest in the non-profit sector and has built up different strategies to implement in their school. So, if you are interested in getting a job in government or non-profit, Yale should be the best school for you.
  • To get a joint degree- If you want to get a joint degree, you should look no further, as 18% of the students present at Yale are pursuing a joint degree. The SOM offers a joint degree in law, medicine, public health, environment, global affairs, drama, and architecture in today's time.
  • Getting an MBA degree straight after college- Unlike other colleges, Yale does not require you to wait for a deferral period before pursuing your MBA degree straight out of college. However, only a handful of students are accepted into the Yale silver scholar program every year. The successful applicants should then display their leadership qualities, passion, and intellectual curiosity. Thus, giving Yale students a slight edge over other colleges.
  • Become part of the global brand- As we all know that Yale has become a global brand by acquiring its position for being one of the top-ranked business colleges present in the world. Any student should feel more than lucky to be part of this school and carry on the institute's legacy. Hence, making it one of the most competitive yet popular colleges globally.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Yale SOM?

Yale is one of the best Ivy schools present around the world. Getting into an Ivy League school is hard enough, although the statistics show that the acceptance rate drops rapidly compared to Yale.

The Yale MBA program has a very low acceptance rate of 8.6%, which means that if 100 people apply to the school, only 9 of them will get selected.

The acceptance also drops tremendously compared to the other programs, such as the Medicine Physician Assistant program. Hence, this makes it very hard to get accepted by the college as it is very competitive.

Although it might seem impossible to get accepted, you might stand a chance if you follow a bunch of requirements that Yale expects from its students:

  • Maintain an average GPA score of 3.17 or higher.
  • Have a GRE score of 155 or higher, an LSAT score of 173 or higher, and an MCAT score of 36.6 or higher.
  • Provide them with a Bachelor's degree or a degree equivalent to that.
  • Provide them with all the official transcripts of all the undergraduate and graduate academic grades.
  • Take all the standardized tests.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Provide them with a personal statement as to why you want to join the institute.
  • Provide them with a good quality CV or Resume.
  • Pay an application fee that is non-refundable once submitted.

What is Yale SOM looking for in its students?

Apart from looking for the basic requirements such as academic grades, Yale admission officers try to look for many more things before admitting an applicant. Some of the things that Yale SOM looks for in its students are:

  • Growth and development in students- Yale is searching for students who believe in the growth and development of their wellbeing with time. If your application can convince them that you have this mindset, you might stand a better chance amongst other candidates.
  • Being opportunist- Yale SOM always tries to select candidates who showcase opportunistic skills and are eager to learn as this mindset will take them very far and separate them from the rest of the crowd. If you can prove that you are product-oriented rather than customer, you might stand a better chance of being selected.
  • Leadership qualities- Having leadership qualities has always been a great asset that Yale admissions officers like to consider while admitting anyone into their institute. Showcasing leadership and entrepreneur skills will surely gain you a few extra points and gain the institute's interest in your application. You can showcase this skill via your essays or in your CV.

What makes Yale SOM different from other Ivy League colleges?

Many factors earn Yale the top rank amongst the rest of the Ivy League colleges. Here are some of the reasons why Yale is better or different from other Ivy League colleges:


  • Updated curriculum- Over the years, Yale has continuously updated their curriculum and has provided its students with new courses and subjects. Unlike many Ivy league schools, Yale tries to stay updated and has introduced an integrated curriculum system that remains effective today. They believe in innovating and implementing all the necessary changes they need to make their school as efficient as possible.
  • A well-knit network- Yale has a well-knit network that helps its students with their academics and internships. This helps the whole community run efficiently and provides all the students with any kind of help when necessary. Yale has formed a global network for management which towers over 28 business schools. Thus, creating a positive and healthy ecosystem across the community.
  • Leadership development- Yale has time and again shown how important it is for their students to have leadership qualities. To implement this into their system, they have over a dozen of MBA programs to help students strengthen their leadership skills. Yale also presents its students with excellent mentors and professors that help the students throughout this process. Hence, giving the students of Yale a slight edge over the rest of the Ivy schools present globally.

Application and deadlines

Yale has a separate portal for every program you want to enroll in and has a standard application fee of 250$. Applications can be easily made by using the portal and providing them with all the required documents.

The deadlines for the MBA program are 15th September for the fall semester, 7th January for the summer semester, and 13th April for the winter semester.

For the EMBA program, the deadlines are 26th October for the fall semester,  28th January for the spring semester, and 29th March for the winter semester. And finally, the deadlines for the MAM program are 7th January for the fall semester, 23rd February for the spring semester, and 13th April for the winter semester.


1- How to get into Yale from India?

There is no additional provision or steps that the Indian or international applicants need to get into Yale. The only thing that they should focus on is that they have a good hold over the English language and score well on their standardized tests.

2- Does Yale have master's programs?

Yale school of arts and sciences offers courses leading to MA, M.Phil, MS, and even Ph.D. in 73 individual programs. So, yes, Yale does have a master's program in many fields.

3- What is the minimum number of years of work experience required for admission to Yale SOM's MBA program?

Yale does not state that a candidate must have minimum work experience to get admitted into the SOM's MBA program. Although according to statistics, the average number of work experience is five years.

4- What is the minimum number of years of work experience required for admission to Yale SOM's MBA program?

The average GMAT score for getting admitted into SOM's MBA program is 720 and above.

5- What is the application fee for Yale SOM?

The application fee varies on the financial status of a student, but it usually hovers between 100-250$.

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