5 Adept Admission Tips on How to get into MIT

As we all know, MIT holds a reputation for being one of the best engineering universities present globally. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT as we all know, is very hard to get in.

MIT rejects almost 90% of the applicants every year, meaning that a student needs to know all about the selection procedure of this prestigious institute. In this article, we will talk about the various factors that affect the admission process for MIT.

Tips for getting into MIT

We all know how hard it is to get into MIT. Getting just the right academic grades might not be good enough if you want to stand out from the rest of the applications. Here are some of the useful tips that you should follow while applying to MIT:


  • Showcase your unique personality- Apart from academics, MIT likes to look for students with unique and bright personalities. To stand out from the rest of the crowd, make sure the application is unique or, should we say as you as possible. Showcasing your uniqueness in your essays and telling them why you are different from the rest of the applicants might do wonders for you. If you have done anything different that you would like them to read about, then this is the time. This will make them more curious about you and increase your chances of getting selected.
  • Ace your exams- As we all know, the selection base is based on who scored better in their academic exams. So, it is very important to score well in your SAT or ACT exams. You should also keep in mind that getting into MIT is very competitive, and if your GPA score is low, you do not stand a chance. You should focus and try to score well in your academics to get accepted into MIT.
  • Write a great essay- You should realize by now that essays are the best option for you to showcase your skills and personality. This will attract the people going through your application but will also increase your chances of getting selected.
  • Convince them that you are passionate- You need to make sure that they realize that you will try and do something great after getting accepted into the program. The best way to do this is by showing you love and passion for your work.
  • Showcase your strengths- No one can be perfect at everything. You need to showcase your strengths and make sure that MIT realizes that you accept your weaknesses. This will make them understand your positive mindset and might also help you get accepted into the university.

Is it hard to get into MIT?

MIT is one of the best engineering universities worldwide, thus granting it the opportunity to be selective while accepting any applications. Presently, MIT has an acceptance rate of about 6.7%, which means that for every 100 applications, only 7 of them are being screened and accepted.

Such a low acceptance rate makes the institute very hard to get into and extremely competitive. Having said all this, you should also know that although it might be hard to get into, it is yet not impossible. You need to know about the various factors that MIT takes into consideration while considering any application.

You will also need to have exceptionally good grades, essays, and an outstanding letter of recommendation to get noticed by the institute and stand out from the rest of the applications.

How to get into MIT with an average score?

First of all, we should consider that MIT is a reputed institute, and it is extremely difficult to get accepted on an average score. The average GPA for many universities is 3.5-4.0, although this is not the case for MIT. The average GPA score for MIT is 4.17, making MIT an extremely competitive institute to get accepted in.

With a GPA score of 4.17, the institute demands you stay at the top of your class. Thus, requiring you to focus on your exams and not allowing you to slack off even just for a moment.

You will be required to ace all of your exams to compete with the rest of the applications presented. Various extracurricular courses could also be taken to make you stand out from the rest of the applications.

If your GPA score is below 4.17, you will need to have a higher SAT score to compensate for your GPA. This situation mainly happens with junior or senior students, as their GPA score is hard to change if they are falling behind.

Eligibility criteria for MIT

The first and foremost eligibility criteria you must follow are meeting up the minimum academic qualifications required. This may include the number of classes you must attend and score the average accepted scores on the standardized tests.

After meeting up with all the basic academic requirements, your eligibility and selection will depend upon various factors like the quality of your essay and your overall profile.

You should note that these academic qualifications are just the basic requirements, and MIT considers various other factors while accepting or rejecting your application.

Can you apply early to MIT?

Yes, MIT does allow its applicants to apply on an early basis. This implies that you can submit an application way earlier than other students and get a report on whether or not you were selected.

Early applications also allow you to choose if you want to fully commit to MIT if you get selected, thus allowing you to pick between various universities and make a rational decision.

The deadline for applying early to MIT is November 1, and the students are made aware of their selection or rejection by mid-December.

You should keep in mind that according to the statistics of the previous year's admissions, early applicants did not get any advantage over the applicants who applied on a regular deadline. For both the applicants, the acceptance rate was about 6.7%.

So, the only noticeable difference is that it helps the institute spread out their work over a longer interval, thus allowing them to give more time to each application. The second noticeable difference is that it helps the applicant consider more options than placing their only hope into one institute.

You should keep in mind that both domestic and international students can make early applications.

MIT will also allow you to apply to other universities, allowing you to consider various options and not force you to join if you get accepted. The only catch is that you can not apply to MIT if you have applied to any other single-choice university.

What is MIT searching for in its students?

Apart from the standard academic requirements, MIT considers various other factors while accepting any application. Here are some of the key components that MIT looks for in its students:

  • Understanding MIT's Vision- MIT is looking for dedicated students who make our world a better place. They want students who are helpful in the community and believe in solving various issues in our society. They do not expect applicants to solve all the diseases and problems globally but want them to have a helpful nature and spirit.
  • Cooperative nature- The main vision behind MIT is to have a cooperative and collaborative spirit. It is very common to work in large groups and teams at MIT. It is also very common to share labs, requiring them to have a collaborative and cooperative nature. We all know that MIT is famously known for its versatile research projects. If you love to work independently and without any cooperation, there is no problem with that, but MIT is not the place for you.
  • Being resourceful- MIT is filled with a wide range of opportunities and facilities for its students. Still, it truly would be a shame if you cannot take the initiative to use them effectively. Various research projects, funding, and fascinating lectures will not be just handed to you. A student must take the initiative of getting themselves involved in such projects and use the institute's resources to their utmost advantage. No institute will wait for its students to use the facilities to their fullest, thus requiring them to be opportunists and full of energy.
  • Resilient- MIT is looking for students who are not afraid of taking any risks. You have to accept that success and failure are just a part of life. Thus, MIT is looking for students who are not scared of failing and have a positive attitude towards life. MIT believes that most successful people worldwide accept failure as a part of their life, thus making them more creative and resilient. So the key is to stay focused and never give up until you have achieved your desired goal.
  • Curios and passionate- If you are passionate about what you are learning and researching, then MIT is the place for you. MIT tries to find people who are curious and open about their work. Having excitement and passion about what you are researching always provides a positive result. Putting your mind and soul into your work is always the attitude that a student should bring to the table.

Essays for MIT application

MIT requires its applicants to answer five essay questions. You should try and answer each question in under 250 words.

The various set of questions that you have to provide answers for is different stages of your life, a summary of your background, what department you are interested in joining, what are your various hobbies, and a method in which you are a contributor to our society, and a difficulty that you have personally faced in your lifetime.

The essay is mainly designed to learn about your personality and nature. There are a bunch of factors that MIT wants to know about their applicants so they can look beyond academics.

Thus, determining what kind of person you are. MIT mainly prioritizes having unique personalities and a helpful nature rather than just high grades in academics.

You should keep in mind that your essay will go along with an activity list and a coursework form as a part of the second application for MIT. Thus this procedure will not change if you apply early or on the regular deadline.

The activities section will only allow you to list four things. So you have to list the four things that mean the most to you and tell you a bit about them. The self-reported coursework form provides MIT with a clear picture of your academic results.

This form usually has nothing to do with your selection. This form, later on, is cross-checked by your official results provided by the school. Domestic applicants only do this procedure, and international applicants are only required to provide MIT with their transcripts.

The interview round for MIT

For the interview round, MIT offers you to meet with the alumni and members of the education council if it is possible.

After you are done with the first two rounds of the application, a member of the educational council will get in touch with you. If you are in an area where local alumni are present, you will get an in-person interview.

If an applicant is in an area where no local alumni are present, they would be scheduled for a Skype call. You do not have to worry if you cannot attend the in-person interview as long as you can attend the Skype interview.

An applicant attending the online interview does not have to worry about any kind of disadvantage because they could not attend the in-person interview, which will not affect their application to MIT.

MIT Application Deadlines

While applying for MIT, you should keep in mind that there are two kinds of deadlines. One for early applicants and one for regular applicants. In the case of the early applicants, the deadline is November 1st. At the same time, the deadline for the regular applicants is January 1st. 

You should keep in mind that both the deadlines require a February notes and updates form. The deadline for this form is February 15th. This form includes the information regarding your mid-term academic grades.

This form also allows the applicant to update MIT about any recent activity or achievement since you have last submitted your application. You should note that any applications made after the deadlines will be automatically rejected and thus have to be strictly followed.

Letters of Recommendation

MIT requires its applicants to submit letters of recommendation from two teachers. You should keep in mind that one of the teachers belongs to the science or mathematics department. At the same time, the other teacher has to belong to the social sciences or language department.

You should keep in mind that the letter of recommendation is something that the applicant should not mess around with while applying to such a prestigious university.

It is very important to select the right teachers for this process as your admission might depend. MIT reads and considers these letters of recommendation while accepting or rejecting your application.

This letter is used to judge the character, personality, nature, and sense of a person's demeanor. Thus, making it very important to put a lot of work and effort into them.


  1. Are good SAT scores the only criteria to get into MIT?
    Yes, getting a good score in your SAT and GPA exam is one factor that MIT considers. Although, it is not the only factor, as they look for applicants with a unique personalities and have a positive attitude towards life. Showcasing all your strengths, skills, and nature is very important to make your application desirable.
  2. Is it tough to get admission into MIT?
    MIT has a 6.7% acceptance rate, and this implies that for every 100 applications, only 7 of them are being accepted. It is very hard to get admission because it is very competitive, although it is not impossible. You should have excellent grades, essays, and letters of recommendation even to get considered.
  3. What GPA is required to get into MIT?
    You should at least have a GPA of 4.17 to stand a chance. You should stay at the top of your class and get yourself involved in extracurricular activities to get admission to MIT.
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