How does one get into Trinity College, Cambridge? Follow these 5 steps for an easier admission

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Trinity College, Cambridge is one of the top league colleges in the world. The college is known to be financially very strong and provides its students with the opportunity to learn and grow. The institute also offers various courses, thus letting students decide what course they are interested in and provides them proper support. It is also known for its world-class infrastructure and exponential resources in research fields. Due to all of these reasons, it becomes very hard to get admitted into the institute. This article will provide you with some easy steps that you can follow to get an easy admission.

5 steps to get admitted into Trinity College, Cambridge

Trinity College, Cambridge is considered one of the best universities in the world. The application process is pretty simple. You should be aware of the application process to ensure yourself a place in this prestigious university. Here are a few simple steps that you can follow to get admitted into Trinity College, Cambridge:

  • Choosing your course and college-  The first step you need to do is submit your initial application on the official website. Next, the candidate must choose amongst a list of trinity colleges. There are over 29 prestigious colleges to choose from, and Trinity College, Cambridge is considered one of them. Then you must choose the course you like, and there are over 30 undergraduate courses available. You would be surprised to know that these courses cover over 65 subjects. 
  • Submitting your UCAS application- The next step you need to take is to submit your UCAS application. The last date to submit your application is 15th October. You should keep in mind that you can not apply to the University of Cambridge and Oxford in the same year. The same goes for the candidates taking the pre-interview assessment. They must also apply by the same deadline.
  • Supplementary Application Questionnaire- The SAQ is how the institute gets more information about you after submitting your UCAS application. The SAQ personal statement is a way in which you can add more personal information about yourself. Here you can showcase your talents and skills and why you deserve to get selected into the institute. By doing this, you will provide them with a little more information about yourself.
  • Pre-interview assessment- Some subjects require the candidate to undergo a pre-interview assessment. This assessment can either occur before or during the interview. Subjects like Science and economics generally undergo this admission assessment. If you have applied to a research-related field, some examples of your write-ups will also be required. Generally, this will help out the admission officers to screen through the candidates. Thus, selecting the right candidates worthy of being admitted into the institute.
  • Interview round- Everyone screened through the previous rounds is invited to come for an in-person or online interview. You should thoroughly prepare for the interview round as it can make or break your chances of getting selected. Try to search about the common interview questions asked to candidates and their ideal answers. By doing this, you will prepare yourself for the interview and appear confident.

Admission requirements for Trinity College, Cambridge

Trinity College, Cambridge is a very prestigious university and has an acceptance rate of 33.5%. There are many requirements that an applicant needs to abide by to get selected into the institute. We will mainly focus on the SAT and GPA score that you need to score to get admitted. Many top-ranked colleges present a minimum GPA score. If an applicant is not able to meet this requirement, your application will be rejected. Trinity College, Cambridge expects you to stay at the top of your class and maintain an average GPA of 3.88. This score is hard to achieve, but if you remain focused, it is not impossible. The average SAT score is 1380, and the average ACT score is 31 or above. If you can meet up with these scores, you can expect to get selected.

Fee structure of Trinity College, Cambridge

Trinity College, Cambridge, charges an academic fee of  £14,300. This fee covers the college provision, the support and the facilities provided. The college will also provide a fee bursary to all the students liable to pay the fee. These students are then required to pay  £9,300. The fees can not increase more than the UK RPI plus 1% for the following subsequent years.

Scholarships offered at Trinity College, Cambridge

Trinity College, Cambridge offers its students numerous ways for financial support. You should be aware of the eligibility criteria to apply for these scholarships. Different awards are saved for home students, students from a particular nationality or religion, or overseas students. Here are some of the scholarships offered at Trinity College, Cambridge:

  • Cambridge Bursaries for home students- Certain students from the UK are eligible to apply for Cambridge Bursaries. To check the eligibility criteria, you should check for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme.
  • Cambridge Trust Bursaries for overseas students- The institute generously offers over eleven international Bursaries every year. This Bursary helps support the financial needs of overseas students and covers up to full tuition and maintenance fees.
  • Trinity International Bursaries for European students- This is a very new Bursary offered by Trinity College, Cambridge. It is created to support international students from Europe who are facing any kind of financial difficulties. This scheme mostly covers academic fees only.
  • Trinity International Bursary for China- This Bursary offers benefits to students facing financial issues and belongs to mainland China. There is no application necessary as people who are from China will automatically be eligible. This Bursary covers the full academic fees.
  • All student funds- Any student facing an issue can apply for the Colleges hardship funds. There is no restriction of nationality or religion, and it is open to any students. These applications are generally made through tutors. There are many crash prizes and awards that you can get entitled to if you perform well in your field. 


How to get into Trinity College, Cambridge?

The procedure to apply to Trinity College, Cambridge, is pretty simple. All you need to do is log in to the online portal. Now select the course you want to apply for and follow the eligibility criteria. Then you have to submit a personal statement where you can showcase your skill sets and achievements. After you are done with this procedure, click on submit. If you are screened through all the applications, then you will have to give a personal interview. This interview can either happen online or in person. An academic assessment test can also take place for candidates applying to certain courses.

How to study at Trinity College, Cambridge, for free?

There are a bunch of scholarship schemes offered by the institute. Trinity College, Cambridge, offers a wide range of Bursaries for its students. In this way, they can support any students who are undergoing any financial difficulties. You should learn about the various eligibility criteria to get accepted for these scholarships. Many of the scholarships provide you full support for your academic fees and maintenance if you are eligible.

Is Trinity College Cambridge hard to get into?

Trinity College, Cambridge, is considered one of the top-ranked colleges around the world. The institute has a great infrastructure and provides all the resources for its students. Thus, letting them grow and gain experience throughout their time in the institute. Due to this reputation, the institute becomes extremely competitive. The institute has an acceptance rate of 33.5%, which means that among 100 applicants, only 33 are being shortlisted and getting selected. A candidate should know about all the eligibility criteria and requirements to stand a chance amongst other applicants.


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