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Program Eligibility URL:https://www.exeter.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/courses/business/business_analytics/#entry-requirements

About University of Exeter

The University of Exeter, ensconced in the visually striking South West of England, is admired for its high academic standards, pioneering research, and lively campus atmosphere. This venerable institution, with roots traced back to 1855, consistently earns a place amongst the world's top universities due to its steadfast dedication to imparting world-class education. It proudly offers state-of-the-art facilities, advanced research hubs, and a diverse community comprising students and academics from all corners of the globe. 

Moreover, Exeter's mission is to cultivate critical thinking, fuel creativity, and develop global citizens. As such, it provides an extensive array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs spanning multiple disciplines. Beyond the realm of the academic, students are encouraged to delve into a vibrant campus milieu with ample extracurricular activities, societies, and sports clubs at their disposal. The university serves not just as a center for academic pursuit, but also a thriving environment promoting personal expansion and professional advancement. 

Regardless of whether a student seeks academic brilliance, individual growth, or professional evolution, the University of Exeter serves as an inspiring and nurturing platform aiding them in attaining their goals. It provides a harmonious blend of academic rigor and international outlook, nurturing intellectual acumen while cultivating a spirit of global compassion, thus enabling students to thrive and flourish.

University of Exeter Program Description

The University of Exeter's Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program endows students with the requisite skills and knowledge to thrive in the rapidly transforming sphere of data-informed decision-making. This program encompasses an all-embracing curriculum that melds theoretical underpinnings with practical applications, engaging students in a deep dive into sophisticated statistical methodologies, machine learning techniques, and data visualization tools. 

Guided by a cadre of world-renowned faculty members and industry connoisseurs, this MSBA program accentuates experiential learning and tangible projects, empowering students to grapple with multifaceted business conundrums using data-derived insights. In this buzzing hub of state-of-the-art facilities and leading-edge technology, students of this master's program acquire a profound comprehension of the ways in which data analytics can undergird innovation, streamline processes, and augment business performance on a broad industry spectrum. 

Moreover, this Master's program places a high value on fostering vital soft skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership, equipping graduates to emerge as adept analytics practitioners who can helm strategic decision-making in the contemporary data-oriented world. Regardless of whether an individual aspires to a future in data science, consulting, finance, or marketing, Exeter's MSBA program sets a robust foundation for fruitful endeavors in the ever-expanding arena of business analytics.

Program URL:https://www.exeter.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/courses/business/business_analytics/

University of Exeter Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum URL:https://www.exeter.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/courses/business/business_analytics/#course-content

  • Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation
  • Operations Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Strategic and HR Analytics
  • Environmental Analytics
  • Design Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship and Complete Sustainable Value Creation
  • Supply Chain Analytics


  • Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation
  • Operations Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Strategic and HR Analytics
  • Environmental Analytics
  • Design Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship and Complete Sustainable Value Creation
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Topics in Business Analytics
  • Programming for Business Analytics
  • Database Technologies for Business Analytics
  • Statistics and Mathematics for Business Analytics
  • Analytics and Visualisation for Managers and Consultants
  • Business Project

Business and Management

Data Science Society

The University of Exeter's Master of Science in Business Analytics program presents a rich array of additional activities and opportunities tailored to augment student learning and career development. These unique offerings provide enriching experiences and pave the way for future career achievements. 

The program specifically encourages the use of data and analytics in both a confident and creative manner to tackle operational and strategic challenges experienced by worldwide organizations across a wide range of sectors. It duels its students to step into the complex world of data-driven decision making and achieve breakthroughs in problem-solving.

Students enrolled in this program also invited to become a part of the QTEM Programme, an excellent platform that allows multiple enriching experiences encompassing an internship, a study semester abroad, and participation in the QTEM Data Challenge. These immersion experiences provide hands-on understanding and practical skills that invariably enhance a graduate's employability.

On graduating, our students are equipped to step seamlessly into varied roles such as Business Consultant, Data Consultant, Business Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst, Marketing Analyst, HR Analyst, and Business Manager. The scope is broad with opportunities in sectors such as consulting, tech, finance, procurement, HR, and marketing.

The Business School at Exeter provides extensive support to help students hone skills that are highly desirable by employers. This includes Study Abroad opportunities that offer global exposure, adding an edge to the students' portfolio, and widen their perspectives.

The program is designed as a 1-year, full-time course commencing in 2024 at the Streatham Campus. The curriculum is inclusively designed to enhance students' understanding of various specialist skills needed for their desired careers. It comprises modules in Marketing Analytics, Strategic & HR Analytics, Operations Analytics, and Environmental Analytics. Each of these modules are curated to provide students with a comprehensive insight into their respective areas, thereby preparing them for the complexities and requirements of their future careers.

University of Exeter Acceptance Rate

The University of Exeter upholds a selective criterion for its Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program applicants, reflected in an acceptance rate of roughly 75%. The requirements include a minimum of 2:1 with honors or its equivalent from a recognized institution spread across any discipline.

University of Exeter Fee Structure

Expense Type Cost (GBP)
Tuition Fees £29,500 (per year)
Accommodation £6,000 - £10,000
Living Expenses £9,000 - £12,000
Others £1,500 - £2,000

University of Exeter Deadlines

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University of Exeter Employment

Expanding your knowledge on the use and leveraging of data in resolving business predicaments forms the core of this course. Throughout the course, the goal is to amplify your employment abilities, culminating in a Business Project module that employs real data to tackle authentic organisational issues. 

In this programme, you're presented with modules spanning domains such as Marketing Analytics, Strategic & HR Analytics, Operations Analytics, and Environmental Analytics. Such broad spectrum exposure equips you with specialised skills, thereby opening up a plethora of career opportunities. 

A remarkable feature of this programme is the optional QTEM course, which includes an internship and a semester abroad. Through this, you're afforded a unique opportunity to apply classroom learnings in a real-world setting and to broaden your cultural horizons—further enhancing your employability and positioning you ahead of your peers. This program is not just about analytics—it's about understanding how analytics can shape your career and the business world at large. 

Exemplifying the blend of theory and practice, this course is designed to facilitate your journey towards becoming a data-savvy business professional. Balancing the cutting edge of analytics with the traditional pillars of business, this programme forges a path for you to stride upon, steering you towards your professional aspirations. 


Average Starting Salary

University of Exeter Employment Statistics

The University of Exeter's commendable employment statistics are a testament to its dedication to arming its students with the requisite tools for career advancement. This highly regarded institution is recognised for its unwavering emphasis on academic rigour, experiential learning, and forging industry alliances, thus ensuring that its graduates are thoroughly prepared to join the workforce and be instrumental in their chosen fields.

The university proudly showcases exemplary employment figures, reflecting a high proportion of its graduates gaining employment or opting for further studies within a relatively brief period post-graduation. This is in itself a notable achievement, proving the practical effectiveness of Exeter's academic environment.

Moreover, the vast network of alumni and partnerships with employers that Exeter has cultivated affords its students access to an expansive array of local and international career paths. Such beneficial affiliations further underline the university's endeavour to create abundant opportunities for its graduates.

University of Exeter graduates are not limited to a particular sector, with alumni finding success in numerous fields such as academia, corporate industries, governmental spheres, or non-profit organisations. They emerge as well-rounded professionals armed with a comprehensive knowledge base, an arsenal of highly demanded skills, and the self-assurance to excel in the dynamic, competitive arena of the contemporary job market.

Companies Recruiting University of Exeter Graduates

Some potential recruiters for this program could be:

  • McKinsey
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Deloitte
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Unilever,
  • Nestlé
  • Coca-Cola

Employment Overview URL: https://www.exeter.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/courses/business/business_analytics/

University of Exeter Scholarships available for International Students

  • Global Excellence Scholarships
  • Green Futures Scholarships
  • University of Exeter Class of 2024 Progression Scholarship
  • University of Exeter Alumni Scholarship
  • Aziz Foundation Masters Scholarships

What makes University of Exeter unique?

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at the University of Exeter strikes me as uniquely praiseworthy for several vital reasons:

  • A Holistic Curriculum: The offered coursework is comprehensive, encompassing advanced statistical methodologies, machine learning processes, data visualization utilities, and specialized modules including Marketing Analytics, Strategic & HR Analytics, Operations Analytics, and Environmental Analytics. Such wide-ranging coverage assures that students will gain an all-encompassing understanding of business analytics and its multifaceted applications across diverse industries.
  • Real-World Exposure: The program encourages hands-on learning opportunities and practical application projects, allowing students to transpose theoretical concepts into solutions for intricate business conundrums. The Business Project module, with emphasis on utilizing actual data to address commercial challenges, helps refine students' professional capabilities and offers a rewarding practical experience.
  • International Opportunities: The MSBA program provides an option to participate in the QTEM Programme, comprising an enriching internship and a term abroad with renowned academic partners. Such an international experience not only diversifies students' outlooks but also grooms them for lucrative careers in the global business arena.
  • Robust Industry Connections: The University of Exeter maintains robust collaborations across private, public, and non-profit sectors, offering students valuable networking, training, and employment opportunities. Esteemed professional bodies, such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), endorse the university's programs, ensuring our graduates' credentials are widely applauded in the international job market.
  • Nurturing Environment: The university offers a nurturing and inclusive milieu, guaranteeing personalized assistance from proficient faculty and staff. With a culturally rich student and alumni network from over 150 nations, students are exposed to collaborative efforts, idea exchanges, and lifelong professional connections.

University of Exeter Contact Information

Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

Programme Director: Dr Suman Saha (January start)

Programme Director: Dr Stuart So (September start)

Phone: +44 (0)1392 72 72 72

Conclusion: Should you apply to University of Exeter?

Deciding to apply for the MSc Business Analytics program at the University of Exeter can be influenced by a multitude of factors. This decision would likely incorporate your academic history, career objectives, and personal inclinations.

In conclusion, your decision to apply to the MSc Business Analytics program at the University of Exeter should be informed by a thorough assessment of your academic and career objectives, personal preferences, and circumstances. Engaging with current students, alumni, or academic advisors can provide further insights and information helpful in making an informed decision.

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