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Photo of Shrishti
Admits Received: Northeastern, UCLA

"A Huge shout out to MentR-Me for all their help getting me into my dream university abroad! Honestly, I never thought I had a chance, but the MentR-Me team really pushed me to believe in myself and take a shot at it. And it worked! I got accepted, and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend giving MentR-Me a try - they really know their stuff and are super friendly and supportive."

Photo of Raghav
Admits Received: UBC, Waterloo

"I'm so grateful to MentR-Me for their expert guidance and support in helping me achieve my dream of studying abroad. I was seeking a consultant who could walk me through every step of the admission process, and MentR-Me exceeded my expectations. My consultant was fantastic, and the entire MentR-Me team worked tirelessly to ensure that the process was smooth and stress-free."

Photo of Shambhavi
Admits Received: Pennsylvania, Texas A&M

"I can't thank the MentR-Me team enough for helping me get into the top MS schools abroad! They worked smartly to improve my profile and ensure that my applications were top-notch. Their team effort and determination were simply incredible. If you're looking for a friendly and supportive study abroad admission consultant, look no further than MentR-Me!"

Photo of Karthik
Admits Received: Dallas, Texas A&M

"Anubhav, my consultant at MentR-Me, was amazing. With his guidance and the support of the entire team, I gained admission to my desired school. MentR-Me is worth every penny, and I highly recommend them as a top-notch study abroad admission consultant. Their expertise and dedication helped me achieve my dreams, and I'm incredibly grateful. "

Photo of Simran
Admits Received: Purdue, Berkeley

"MentR-Me was amazing! Aatreyi, my consultant, was exceptional, and I'm grateful for her expert guidance and support. Thanks to MentR-Me, I have a positive outlook for my future endeavours. I highly recommend them as a top-notch study abroad admission consultant. They made the admission process stress-free and straightforward, and I'm glad I invested in their services."

Photo of Vanshika
Admits Received: USC, UCLA

"Thanks to MentR-Me's personalized assistance, I gained admission to top schools like USC and UCLA. Rohit, my consultant, was incredibly generous with his guidance, and I appreciate everything he did to help me succeed. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a supportive study abroad admission consultant."

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Admitted to Waterloo

Admitted to the University of Alberta

Admitted to UC Berkeley

Admitted to Cornell & UCLA

Admitted to Cornell University

Admitted to Imperial College London

Admitted to King’s College London

Admitted to Northeastern and Purdue University

Admitted to UCLA

Admitted to UCLA, UT Dallas, Texas A&M

Admitted to Waterloo

Admitted to the University of Alberta

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