Does work experience matter in the CS field for pursuing Masters in the USA?

Asked by Rijul Khajuria about 1 year ago

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh

Study Abroad Expert

 Work experience in the right field can help you get into a better school. Not every type of work experience will boost your resume. What I refer to as relevant work experience is the one who will. It is the experience you have gained in the field in which you are applying. So, if you are applying for the CS field, your experience in the computer science industry (engineering roles in auto firms, for example) will be beneficial, but your experience as a radio jockey will most likely not. Another factor to consider is the length of experience - too little work experience can only get you so far, whereas 1-2 years is a good starting point. To be clear, no prior work experience is required. However, it can be beneficial. Work experience, like your GPA, GRE score, and application documents, is considered an additional qualification. So, in MS applications, a student with no work experience is NOT at a disadvantage. It is not strictly necessary, but in your case, because you lack research experience, it would be beneficial. Though there are many other factors on which the admission depends:

Statement of purpose
Letter of recommendation
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