With out writing any exam, through conseltecy can we go and study in USA with 60percentage in betch?

Asked by Nikhil reddy about 1 year ago

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A lot of study abroad aspirants tend to save the consultancy charges by applying on their own. Yes, students can apply for studying abroad on their own since everything is available over the internet nowadays. But, at the same time, they must remember that the efforts pay off in very few cases and students end up with disappointment in maximum number of cases.

Since the study abroad application procedure requires a lot of time, patience and efforts, the ideal time to start planning your application to abroad universities is anywhere between 8-10 months. Time consumed from the beginning your research and making an application to getting an admit from the universities along with the VISA approval as well as getting the educational loan sanctioned takes almost a year of a candidate’s life. Therefore, proper planning and time management are mandatory.

Below discussed are some perks of taking assistance from the overseas educational agents over applying on your own:

Market In-sights
The study abroad consultancies hire industrial experts who possess market in-sights. They remain updated with the latest industrial trends regarding the best education providers, countries with better industrial exposures, and even with the evolving application procedures.

Follow-Ups and Time Management
You can follow up with the consultants at every stage of your application and get an update on your previous step, which would help you know what your next step needs to be and that’s how you would end up saving time.

Eligibility and Shortlisting
Eligibility plays an important role while choosing your course, college, or country. Hence, understanding your profile is a priority that comes before personal preferences, since it helps in university shortlisting. 

Even if you connect with people on your own, you are most likely to get mislead by the references you have, such as your friends, relatives, seniors, etc. They would share their thoughts or experiences with you, but these references are limited to a particular area or field that they are familiar to.

Editorial Services
As we all know, applying to the universities abroad has to go through a procedure of explaining your profile and clarifying your objectives with the help of supporting documents such as SOPs, Admission Essays, LORs, CVs, etc. These documents have a proper format each, which is easily available over the internet, but using them wisely is very important. 

VISA Filing
This is a crucial step of the application procedure. Missing out on any essential information may result to VISA rejection. Nobody wants to get rejected at this stage of application especially when they have gotten offer letter from their dream university. The agents keep updated with the changes in the VISA filing and can help you with the same. Moreover, they help you prepare for the difficult VISA interviews.


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