Will I get a scholarship for masters without IELTS?

Asked by Lasin MS about 2 years ago

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Joshua Borisova

Joshua Borisova

Founder & CEO at TAXA

Hello there. First I would like to mention one major point here, pay attention. Almost all of the universities abroad ask for a language test. Because given you're from here (India), the foreign country needs to make sure of your English language proficiency. On the other hand there are also some universities that don't necessarily ask for a language course.

Now, assuming you are asking that you could get a scholarship for masters without IELTS, I suppose you are representing a language test here (not just IELTS language test). Therefore, the universities that ask for a language test will not allow you to apply for any program in their university. I mean there are few universities that conduct their own language test if the applicant is mission one. However this is not a regular case.

In the same way there are few universities that offer master courses without an IELTS (or language test). But these universities are not very common. Even if they exist, they do not have many tie ups here in India. So it will be tough to find a consultancy that has access to these kinds of universities.

Just because of these facts, I say that there is no point in thinking for a scholarship without IELTS. Not because it will be tough, but because the universities that allow students without language tests are not significant. If they are not significant enough, why do you want to spend so much on your studies abroad? I suggest taking the IELTS once. You never know what you can do.



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