Which USA universities offer a Master in Management?

Asked by Ronak Sharma almost 2 years ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

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Well, it is not news that universities in the USA are also offering master in management (MIM) degrees. Because these MIM courses have been so popular, universities from countries outside of Europe are investing in them. For example, now you can find quality MIM programs in the USA, Canada,  Australia and even New Zealand.

Coming back to the USA, you have many options to do a master in management course there. It's almost impossible to find every name, but I can suggest some of the very best ones. Target these universities in the USA if you are looking for a master in management -


  • NYU Stern
  • Marshall School of Business
  • Anderson School of Management
  • Stanford graduate School of Business
  • Sloan School of Management

There’s no order in these options. Basically all the names here are equally good for a master in management from the USA. The top three schools; NYU, Marshall and Anderson are your specialization focused options. These business schools are way too good and if you can get into any of them, you are lucky. I mean for a tuition of around 58 lakhs for a MIM in NYU, you can earn more than 1 crore median salary in the USA.

Just to give you an idea of what USA MIM degrees can do for your career. Plus, these business schools in the USA are highly recognized and the degree you will obtain after your graduation, it will pay a hefty paycheck. Not to mention that the USA is a hub of business and management industry. Compared to any other location, the jobs and earnings there are better and diverse.

Now, for big names, Stanford and Sloan (MIT) are  pretty good ones. In general, if you want to apply for a big company, you will need a big degree. Especially in business and management, the school from which you do your graduation, means a lot. For example, you must have seen how a Harvard MBA is considered the best degree in business studies. Basically a MIM degree will need a big name, and choosing one of the last two options on the list, offers excitement.

But I do agree that applying to any business school in the USA is not a piece of cake. You will need a strong profile. Do not worry if your qualifications are on a low stage. For a degree like MIM, you can add multiple things to cover it up like experience, curriculars, certificates etc. Here we help students to build a profile that is fit to apply for any top university abroad. Give it a go and see what your options are.


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