Which university provide scholarship for international students and especially in medical courses?

Asked by Kuljeet kaur about 2 years ago

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Chirag Galundia

Chirag Galundia

Principal Product Manager Amazon

Scholarships for a master program abroad are somewhat very necessary nowadays. The tuition alone costs a big amount of money. And the living cost adds up to it. It is a relief that including the local government, the universities in the country offer various scholarships to attract international students.

Finding a scholarship is not rare but it can be limited based on the university abroad. So It's better to select a safer pick just in case. I would suggest Imperial College London. To start it off, the college is an A-tier institute. The UK has the 3rd highest number of international students. So to attract students, Imperial College London offers a wide range of scholarships for graduate programs.

I want to inform you that the scholarship you get for studying abroad is not specific to courses. It means that you may get a big scholarship but it will apply to a level of degree. For example, if you secure an international scholarship for a masters, it will be applicable to any master-level degree you pursue. For medical courses specifically, you can earn them while in between your courses. Performing exceptionally in your studies at Imperial College will land you a scholarship without a doubt.

Faculty of Medicine Dean's Master's Scholarships is one of the many ones that Imperial College London offers for master's programs. It can cover up to £10,000 towards tuition fees.  The GREAT Scholarships at Imperial can also cover up the same amount for the masters tuition fee. Not just that, the college offers scholarships to part-time students as well.

I wanted to give the best option available so I picked Imperial College London. All mentioned information is applicable to medical courses at Imperial. 

Let me know if you want me to give you information about some other universities as well.


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