Which universities are best for Masters in Physiotherapy course in UK?

Asked by Iliyas Kotwal over 1 year ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

Choosing the UK specifically for physiotherapy is really a smart choice. My brother is a physiotherapist currently working with multiple organizations. During the university selection, I went through all this trouble to see what were the best options. Turns out that the UK has some really amazing options.

Physiotherapy is a health science disciple. Eventually, you realize that a country that is enriched with a healthcare sector has better chances to give you a fat paycheck job. In 2020, healthcare expenditure in the UK amounted to 12.8% of the GDP. This may look like a small number. But remember that the UK is the sixth-largest economy in the world. 12.8% here represents a number in billions.

Here are my best suggestions for you -

1. University of Southampton
2. Glasgow Caledonian University
3. Robert Gordon University
4. University of Liverpool
5. University of Birmingham

Right as I have numbered, the University of Southampton is your best option here. And this is not because the university is ranked #1 in the UK for physiotherapy. The health science department in the university has tons of Occupational Therapy and Aural & Oral Sciences options as well. And in recent years, the graduates from the university department have contributed the most to the UK healthcare industry.

Glasgow Caledonian and Robert Gordon are good if you are more interested in the physiotherapy sector socially. Their courses are more directional towards society and field improvement. The other two options are the bigger names. In case you want a recognized degree that is more valued by the name, go with Liverpool or Birmingham University.

Though physiotherapy sounds like a sports field, it is very connected with scientific research. Being a part of healthcare you will always have a chance of development. I suggest you start preparing your profile right now. If you need any help in this process, let me know. I would see if you can get your best options in the UK for Physiotherapy.



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