Which university is best for doing masters in dietitics in USA and can I get admission in 2022... I've completed my bsc in home science of 4 years with 8.33 ogpa?

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Aman Soren

Aman Soren

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In the United States, the University of Illinois at Chicago is the best place to get a master's degree in dietetics. 27 American colleges offer master's degrees in dietetics and nutrition. Florida International University had two international graduate students among its 27 programmes, one of the highest numbers in the country. In this programme, Florida International University had the most female graduates. Here is a list of some other universities that you can target:

New York University
Cornell University
Boston University
Purdue University
The University of Texas-Austin
The University of North Carolina-Chappel Hill
University of Arizona
University of Alabama
Ohio State University 
Kansas State University
Following are the general eligibility criteria for pursuing a master's in dietetics in the US:

Minimum GPA of 3.0
The entire supplemental application that is included with the university application
You must include your CV and expression of interest in your university application.
2 letters of reference, either posted as attachments to your university application or mailed individually by your recommenders
Official transcripts should be mailed or emailed directly to our office.
If you have any other questions, just ask me.



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