Which universities are best for MBA in sports management?

Asked by Vishal Bhavsar about 2 years ago

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Chirag Galundia

Chirag Galundia

Principal Product Manager Amazon

I would recommend looking at universities in the USA and UK. It's not that other countries don’t have good options, just not as good as them. Relevant universities in other countries are mostly involved with general master courses in sports. While the USA and UK have the same but with business and management designation. Among the USA and UK, I would personally suggest the USA first, then the UK -


  • Harvard Business school (HBS)
  • Indiana University Bloomington
  • San Diego State University
  • The University of Liverpool
  • University of Salford Manchester

In general, the most important aspects of an MBA in sports management are marketing, strategic and human resources management. You can find these three main elements of an MBA degree in this field everywhere. This is the reason why I recommend going to USA based universities. The top three mentioned are already reputed universities that have good MBA in sports management programs. Plus the county excels in marketing, strategy and hr.

However good USA universities are, you can’t deny that Europe is the hub of sports. Most of the major sports originated there and the country has been a big industry from the very start. 

For example, if you wish to join sports in certain professions like journalism, anchor, physiotherapist etc., would put the UK before the USA. Anyway, The University of Liverpool and Salford Manchester are quite nice for MBA in sports management in the UK

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