Which subject is good for career abroad after masters?

Asked by Sai nishith over 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

That really depends. Any subject can be good based on your interests and current qualifications. I am not saying this as a generic answer but any subject can be good if you target the best niche in it. For example, a data science master's is good if you are interested in tech. Similarly, a finance master is best if you are a business enthusiast. Though I can understand you want some general guidance, here it is.

A good career abroad after a master's is dependable on the location, like the different professions in different countries. The USA for example is known for IT and technology. So if you want a good career in the USA, you should target IT and tech master programs. Now to mention the country offers really good jobs with excellent pay.

The UK is generally good for business and management. The UK is your best choice if you like an executive or managerial job position. Hundreds of business schools in the UK and the neighbouring countries are filled with many business and management courses. The working environment there is also very diverse and prosperous.

Canada is better for business, science and technology. Australia on the other hand specializes in agriculture and business. So you see, each country and location has its own expertise. It’s you who have to make a decision here. For now, management, business and tech-oriented subjects are looking really good.

If you want a detailed analysis, ask so. I have helped many students with their studies abroad and definitely can assist you the same way. Thanks.


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