Which specialisation should I choose for in MBA?To learn about the share market?

I wanna learn about stock market so, which specialisation should I choose in MBA?

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Faisal Mohdd

Faisal Mohdd

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Doing an MBA in finance will teach you everything you need to know about the stock market and whether or not you should invest your money in it. One of the most popular MBA specializations among students is the MBA in Finance. Finance is a highly quantitative domain that prepares you to analyze company financial performance, understand economic trends, conduct due diligence, and make investment decisions. Accounting, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, banking, portfolio management, international finance, private equity, and venture capital are just a few of the courses students will take as part of their MBA in Finance specialization. Investment banks, asset management firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, consulting firms, and corporations are among the companies that hire MBA graduates with a finance specialization. Here are some of the best colleges in the world for an MBA in finance:

University of Michigan
University of California, Berkeley Haas
Harvard Business School
Rotman School of Management
University of Alberta
Laval University
Melbourne Business School
MGSM Macquarie University
AGSM MBA, University of New South Wales
London Business School
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Manchester
Oxford Business School
Warwick Business School
There are several specializations and topics covered in the course, including the following:

Corporate investment management
Hedge fund management
Portfolio management
Securities analysis
International Finance
Financial statement analysis
Business strategy
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