Which school is better for a career in finance or management consulting: Duke MMS or LBS MIM?

Asked by Shivangi Sahu almost 2 years ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

Business Finance | Venture Capital | IIM Calcutta

To be fair, it's a two part question. Finance and management are two different areas if you add them with consulting. Like there can be two different answers here, which is why I want you to pay attention here. For your enquiry of a MMS from DUke or LBS from Mim, we have to put these separately to see which one is better where.

See, the schools you have mentioned; Duke and LBS are also from two different countries. Me as well as you know how much different these MMS and MIM programs are in these two countries. USA based business schools are basically leaned towards the core business sectors like finance, accou and marketing. Automatically  if you want a career in finance, I would definitely suggest the famous MMS program at Fuqua School of Business (Duke).

The best paid salary ever recorded for a MMS graduate from LBS has been $100,000. It is equivalent somewhere around 76.3 lakhs, which belongs to a finance role. In general, finance consulting or any expert is more likely to get bigger salaries. It is also because a lot of jobs in this sector pays commission added. So the earnings go way up. Finance is surely a good sector to work in and Duke a good place to do MMS. Combining these two is a strong combination.

Coming to the LBS MIM and whether it is better than Duke MMS, it depends. Just like the USA is a better place for a job/career in finance, the UK is better with management consulting. It has always been the center figure of the management industry plus in terms of studies. We all know that MIM programs are mainly Europe-oriented and if you plan for a course under MIM, countries like UK, France and Spain are the best names. The UK especially had the best b schools for MIM degrees.

Without a doubt, LBS MIM is way better for management consulting compared to the USA. I’m not degrading the USA in any manner, but each country has its own elements. European countries like the UK are much better in management sectors while the USA is popular for core business industries. Like I mentioned, it’s a two part question, so you have two part answers.

Now one thing that is left to be addressed is how your profile is. Its not definite that your academic record and curriculars are fit equally for both options. Either you go for Duke MMS or LBS MIM, based on your proule, you can see which one is a better fit for you. If you are interested, get a free profile evaluation here and talk to the experts if you need to. Better to be prepared in advance before applying, right?


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