Which one is better for doing masters in science? USA or UK?

Asked by Pranavi about 1 year ago

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Saumya Chadha

Saumya Chadha

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

Hands down, the United States is a far superior destination. Yes, there is now a two-year stay-back period in the UK that allows you to look for work after graduating. However, the number of jobs available in the UK in a variety of sectors is extremely limited. MBAs and finance graduates with prior work experience are typically doing well. As a result, the course you choose becomes extremely important. Because of the abundance of available jobs, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany are far superior destinations for technical courses. The United States is a far better option because there are far more job opportunities. STEM courses also provide a three-year OPT, making it a safe investment. As a result, the ROI is far greater, and there is also the possibility of career advancement. Even though the cost of education is higher, you get your money back and more. I understand that it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out the correct study material, reference videos and preparation strategy for a competitive exam like IELTS. But there’s nothing to worry about. You are at the right place. To get a FREE online class for IELTS you can just check out the IELTS Test Prep Section here. It consists of section-wise resources curated by Study Abroad Experts and Top School Alumni so that you can ace your IELTS. Let me know if you need any other information from my end.


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