Which ms course is better to study in USA. Whether civil or computer science?

Asked by Nidadavolu Satya Sai ganesh over 1 year ago

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Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy

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Both the branches are good and offer great career opportunities to students. However, it is better to have some knowledge and interest before moving into any field so that you can make best out of it and grow in your future career.

Computer Science engineering basically teaches coding, designing and programming a software or application. You will learn how to write codes, design & develop a software or app like Windows, Facebook etc. So, if you have interest in developing a new software/application with coding/programming then better you opt CSE (Computer Science Engineering).

On the other hand, Civil engineers are taught how to design and construct the industries, transport systems, roads, buildings etc. They are usually found in the automotive industry, perfecting the load-carrying capacity of a chassis & improving the crashworthiness of bumpers and doors; aerospace industry, designing jetliners & Space stations. They can also be found in Ship building industry, power industry and many more areas where constructions are required.

So, find out what is your interest and then select the field of your choice.

Let me know if you need any help with shortlisting the best schools for the same. 




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