Which is the best university in the UK for Masters of Nursing?What are the eligibility criteria?

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MSc Nursing in the UK or Masters of Nursing is handy in 80 universities and colleges. It is designed as a 12 monthly software relying course on the chosen subject of specialization, the mode of study, and the institution. Studying MSc Nursing in the UK will cost between 17,000 GBP to 23,000 GBP per year, as the tuition fees.

MSc in Nursing in the UK allows you an opportunity to work underneath the NHS (United Kingdom National Health Services), and the starting salaries for graduates are from Band 5 (24,000 to 30,000 GBP) to Band 7 (37,000 to 72,000 GBP). You can indulge in careers like nurse team managers and nurse consultants that offer good-looking salaries and promotions to higher band roles

Admission procedure
International candidates who wish to pursue a master’s software in core nursing or any of its fields of specialization in the UK are required to meet some of the typical admission criteria. These criteria differ barely across distinct institutions however nonetheless, most criteria are comparable across the board. The important points of the admission tactics are explained in the area below

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants interested in pursuing a master’s degree in Nursing in the UK must meet the following widely widespread eligibility:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing or healthcare-related fields with a grade point of 55% (equivalent to UK’s 2d classification lower).
  • Other establishments require candidates to possess 75% and above (equivalent to UK’s high-quality or second-class top honors) from an identified group in the world.

Documents Required:

First Degree Certificate: The UG diploma is obtained in a relevant vicinity of subjects.

Transcript: Transcripts of UG and standard XII.

Other documents: Documents that are also required via these universities are:

  • Proof of registration as a registered nurse,
  • Proof of experience,
  • Recommendation letter,
  • Statement of intent,
  • A motivation letter is additionally referred to as an assertion of reason or motivational declaration 

Following are some of the affordable destinations:

  1. King’s College London    
  2. University of Liverpool    
  3. The University of Manchester
  4. Northumbria University
  5. The University of Edinburgh

So these were some of the best universities for master's in nursing.


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