Which is the best university for Data Science in the UK?

Asked by Mamta Rao about 2 years ago

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The UK is among the top countries for studying abroad. Not just academic ones, the country excels in many fields. Some of the best ones are health care, computer science, sports, communications and finally business and management. A large number of international students visit the UK for their higher education.

Data science is a very popular choice in the UK. You can basically find data science programs in all top-ranked universities in the country. My suggestions would be to look for these ones:


  • Imperial College London
  • King’s College London


  • University of Manchester
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Leeds

The top two universities are your dream schools. Imperial and King’s College London are like one of the best universities in the entire Europe. They both have masters programs in data science that you can target. Though these are the very best ones in the country, the qualification you will have also needs to be the best. Because the acceptance rate of these universities is like 7-8%. Therefore even with an impressive record students fail to get admitted in these universities.

However, in case you manage to get into any of these two universities, you are all set or your career outcomes. If you need an idea of it, Imperial College London Master in Data Science has a 98% employment rate. This basically means that every student finds a job after graduation. The annual package of these two top names is also more than impressive.

In case you do not prefer these two due to reasons like budget, there are always options. The next three universities; University of Manchester, Warwick and Leeds are top-notch universities in the UK. All of their data science programs are ranked highly in the UK. The fee structure at these universities is also more affordable. It will cost you around 30 lakhs of tuition plus living expenses in total.

Keep in mind that master programs in the UK are generally one-year long. So plan your studies accordingly. Because it may save your money and finish early, you also get a short time to get familiar with the country. If you need some specific answers, just let me know. Having your doubts cleared in advance is much better than regretting them later.


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