Which is the best exam to give for Masters in Australia...like should I go with PTE or IELTS?

Asked by Mansi Vasani almost 2 years ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is considered as a foreign language and PTE

(Pearson Test of English) is considered as standardized language tests which are required for getting

admission in best college.

These tests are based on different formats, structures, and results bands. These tests are different in

various ways. PTE is mostly accepted by Australia not for only study purpose but also for PR.

PTE is all in one as compared to IELTS if you want to do your master’s in IELTS Exam.

In PTE, just one test is there for both study and PR purposes. But in IELTS, there are two tests IELTS

Academic or IELTS for both study and PR purposes respectively.

In PTE, the result is declared within five business days but in IELTS, Result will have declared after 14-15


Moreover, PTE Test is based on Computers but in IELTS is based on PEN or PAPER.

If a candidate is aware of the basic concept of the PTE exam, then they could choose a PTE training

course, which covers the entire syllabus focusing on important topics. It mainly emphasis students to

score well in their PTE exams in order to migrate to Australia. If you are planning to work and stay in an

English-speaking country like Australia or you are a native English speaker then PTE academic test is the

best choice for you, as it is accepted by all Australian universities as well as professional associations.




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