Which is the best course for high earnings in Canada after completing BCOM for 3 years in India?

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Tejaswini Malik

Tejaswini Malik

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You can continue your education at prestigious universities or colleges in the following courses in  Canada after completing your BCOM for 3 years in India.

MBA In Canada
You would be qualified for a number of programmes if you had earned your BCom or even your BBA or BBM. You have a choice of Master's degrees. For Indian students studying in Canada, graduate degrees in management and business administration are a popular choice. Some of the greatest business schools in the world are located in Canada. You can obtain employment in prestigious MNCs all over the world with a degree from one of them.

MBA programmes typically draw candidates with work experience who want to advance their careers and find higher-level employment. More recent graduates aiming to break into the workforce are the target audience for master's in management programmes. Each course blends theory and practice to achieve the students' learning objectives. The overall cost of study may range from 13,000 to 50,000 CAD, depending on the university and type of programme.

A basic degree or one with specialisations in marketing, finance, human resources management, or other fields are both options for study.

International or Global Management
A global or international management course is one of the top post-BCom courses in Canada for highly driven students who want to learn more about the world and how the business operates across national and cultural barriers. Advanced master's degrees in the field can be earned, often taking 1-2 years to finish and costing between $25,000 and $35,000 CAD.

In addition, several graduate certificates in the subject provide additional specialities in fields like advertising media management, alternative dispute resolution, etc., allowing you to complement your business or management background with in-demand abilities in global management. These courses typically last 1-2 years and cost 16–18 000 CAD on average.

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