Which is the best country to study master's in data science, Australia or USA, for better job opportunities after a master's for Indians?

Asked by Saketh almost 2 years ago

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh

Study Abroad Expert

The USA is one of the top universities for earning an MS in data science. The USA is home to numerous institutions, including Ivy League schools, that strive to be the finest in the educational field. The best-known feature of an American institution is its multicultural and high-quality international student body. A postgraduate degree in data science takes between 12 and 24 months in the USA. The United States is among the top 3 nations for MS in Data Science programs and job opportunities.

Top 10 universities in the US that you must consider studying in:

  1. Stanford University
  2. Columbia University
  3. Harvard University
  4. Yale University
  5. New York University
  6. University of Southern California
  7. Indiana University Bloomington
  8. University of Massachusetts Amherst
  9. Boston University
  10. University of Washington

Salary and Job roles after MS in Data Science in the USA: 

Analytics Engineer    

Business Analyst    
$ 72,000.

Data Analyst    

Data Scientist    

Data Engineer    


Data Visualisation Specialist    

Depending on the student's prior training and experience, obtaining a master's in Data Science in Australia can take two to four years. A degree in data science at an Australian university can cost anywhere between 35,000 and 90,000 dollars (total tuition fees of the complete program). Anyone from the related professions might choose to pursue a master's degree in data sciences, which is mostly focused on the concepts of mathematics and computing. Students will gain useful insights from the collected data through this course.

  1. University of Melbourne
  2. The Australian National University
  3. The University of Sydney
  4. University of New South Wales (UNSW)    
  5. Monash University    
  6. University of Queensland    
  7. The University of Technology Sydney    
  8. RMIT University
  9. The University of Adelaide
  10. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  11. The University of Western Australia

Salary and Job roles after MS in Data Science in Australia: 

Data Analyst    
47.68 lakhs

Software Engineer    
44.79 lakhs

Software Developer    
83.71 lakhs

Senior Data Analyst    
63.58 lakhs

Business Analyst (IT)    
53.29 lakhs

Senior Data Scientist    
78.54 lakhs

Senior Software Engineer/Developer/Engineer    
93.83 lakhs

Senior Software Engineer    
93.83 lakhs

Data Engineer    
64.51 lakhs

Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer    
41.78 lakhs

Data Science has established a niche for itself in many disciplines, be it the healthcare sector, retail marketing, or Life sciences, due to technological innovation and the wealth of data growing with each passing day in every field. Students throughout the world anticipate this course since it offers great employment chances. 

Darak Sarita

Darak Sarita


 In my view, the USA is great for big tech companies and lots of job options. It's a place where lots of new things in tech happen. But Australia is also good. It's not as big in tech but is growing, and life there is more relaxed. For someone from India, think about what you want after your studies. The USA is top for tech jobs, but Australia is easier for living and working after your studies.


Divya Rastogi

Divya Rastogi

MentR-Me Team

Hello Saketh, Thanks for raising the question!

Well, Choosing between Australia and the USA for a master's in data science? Both places are great but different. The USA is known for big tech companies and top universities in USA for MS in data science and lots of chances to work in technology and data science. It has places like Silicon Valley with many internship and job chances. But, getting a visa and finding a job there can be tough and needs good planning.

Australia is more laid-back and its technology jobs are growing. It's friendly to international students, offering rights to work after you finish studying. This can help you get work experience and find a job easier after school.

What's important to you? If you like being where the action is and can handle the challenge, pick the USA. If you prefer a calmer life and want an easier start to working after studies, Australia might be better."

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