Which is the best country to study abroad for MSc. In Finance?

Asked by Aarthi Sharma over 2 years ago

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Muthanna Qudimat

Muthanna Qudimat

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With so many countries boasting of the best universities for M.Sc in Finance, it can be a bit tough to choose the most suitable one for yourself. But don’t worry, I dig a bit deep and found out the countries that actually offer the best study plan and opportunities for doing an M.Sc in Finance. 

Top Countries for M.Sc in Finance

1. United Kingdom
2. United States of America
3. France
4. Spain
5. Canada

These countries are home to some of the best finance offering universities like the London School of Economics, MIT Sloan School of Management, Oxford Said Business School, HEC Paris, ESADE Business School and many more. 

Did my insight answer your query? Let me know if you want me to dig more about any specific university or country. 



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